The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game reveal a new gameplay trailer online. Insomniac Games streamed the video and introduces the game's Photo Mode that will allow players to take pictures of Spidey and customize it into whatever designs they can think of.

The video game publisher also responded to the rumored claim that the game has downgraded its level designs. The new "Spider-Man" game will feature players assuming the role of Peter Parker as he struggles to balance his already complicated life in an open-world New York City.

Peter's faces a new enemy in the form of Martin Li (Mister Negative) and his gang, The Demons.

Introducing 'Spider-Man' Photo Mode

According to Polygon, the new "Spider-Man" trailer highlights the use of the Photo Mode as players are allowed to take pictures of Peter from different angles whether he is fighting criminals, web-swinging through buildings, or hanging out on a tower somewhere in New York.

Players are also given the option to customize their captured pictures in Photo Mode using focus, aperture, color filters, vignettes, film grains, and stickers. They can also manipulate Spidey's selfies such as lighting and expressions in his eyes. They can change the background as well, by choosing a different comic Book cover designs.

The controversy behind the game's downgrade rumors

According to GameSpot, Insomniac Games tweeted their response regarding the rumored claims of "Spider-Man's" level designs being downgraded after a Reddit post compared the finished game with last year's E3 demo. The publisher stated that there was no downgrade at all, and assured video game and Marvel fans that they will deliver what they have promised to them since its first announcement.

It was previously reported that the first chapter in the "City That Never Sleeps" DLC will launch on October 23 and Felicia Hardy (a.k.a. Black Cat) is the main focus of the story. The second and third chapters are scheduled to launch in November and December.

There is also a leaked photo of all the alternate Spidey suits in the game and it includes 2099, Noir, the 90's cartoon show, Blood Spider, Big Time, Negative Advance suit, and more. Each outfit has its own special ability such as sonic blast, hologram clones, and increased speed. Peter can make upgrades to his suits and weaponry in a unique crafting system, and Miles Morales will be around to help him.

"Spider-Man" will launch on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 console.