The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive, "Spider-Man," video game reveal all of the alternate Spidey suits in the game. Reddit username Macredblue posted a photo of the game's costume selection screen and it features some of the classic and fan-favorite costumes that the web-slinger wears in the Marvel comics and films.

Insomniac Games community head James Stevenson announced the game will have a Day One patch update and its gameplay will take 20 hours to complete. The "Spider-Man" PS4 game will take place in an open-world New York City as Peter Parker struggles to balance his already complicated life while stopping a new threat, Mister Negative.

All alternate Spider-Man suits

According to Comic Book Resources, the leaked costume selection photo includes a tattered classic Spidey suit, the Stark Tech suit from "Captain America: Civil War," 90's animated show, Spider-Armor version 2, Version 3, Miguel O'Hara's 2099 suits, Electro-Proof, Ghost Spider, Secret War, Blood Spider, Negative Advance suit, and another original suit.

It has been previously reported that each Spidey suit has its own special ability, within the game, whenever players equip them. Scarlet Spider has the ability to create holographic clones, while Spider-Punk can create a powerful sound blast from his guitar. The velocity suit will increase Spidey's speed when web-swinging across buildings.

Video game fans who pre-ordered the game will have three unlockable suits, or they can just earn their way to get them when they looked for Peter's backpacks within the city.

Players can upgrade Peter's suit and equipment whenever he is inside a portable lab and Miles Morales will assist him in working on them. Mary Jane Watson will also be a playable character in the game and she will use stealth to take pictures of criminal evidence for the Daily Bugle.

Day One patch and story mode gameplay length announced

According to VG 24/7, James Stevenson confirmed that "Spider-Man" will have Day One patch update when it launches on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 console. Players will need to have over 48GB of free space to install the game.

Stevenson added that more details about the Day One patch will be revealed during its launch week.

He also revealed that game length of "Spider-Man's" Story Mode will be around 20 hours in its default difficulty setting. This does not include side-quests and open-world explorations.

Video game and Marvel fans will get there hands on the "Spidey" game in September.