"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" High Stakes event is in full bloom and fans are really enjoying the last couple of weeks of Season 5. Currently, it's the 9th week of this season, but it seems that some data miners have already found the challenge set for the upcoming week.

Week 10 challenges

The challenges for the upcoming week were leaked by a reliable leaker who leaked challenges for the previous weeks as well, and they matched with the official challenges in the game, although Epic Games might still change the challenges right before their official release in the game.

Below I have mentioned all the challenges along with their explanations.

Free challenges

The first challenge will task players to find seven Jigsaw Puzzle pieces in basements. Now, it's unclear whether these basements are the common house basements found throughout the map or some area beneath named locations, but if this challenge follows the pattern of the previous similar challenges, their will more than seven puzzle pieces found on the map.

In order to complete the second challenge, players will have to consume 20 Hop Rocks, Apples, or Mushrooms.

It should be noted these item names are used as a placeholder and the actual challenge might only task player to consume one of these items. The hard challenge on the free challenge list of the upcoming week will task players to eliminate ten players.

Battle Pass challenges

The Battle Pass challenges for the next week aren't that hard as compared to the previous week's challenges.

The first challenge will task players to search seven chests in Salty Springs. You just need to land there in a couple of matches and search the chests, but that place will be crawling with players, so be careful.

The next challenge wants players to deal 5,000 damage to opponents.

The third battle pass challenge is a bit tricky; players will have to search between a waterfall, a covered bridge, and some tennis courts, although the item to search for is currently unknown. The fourth and the final challenge of week 10 assigns players to eliminate three opponents in Risky Reels.

That's it for the next week's challenges and the Season 5 of the "Fortnite: Battle Royale" will finally come to an end after week ten challenges. This list of challenges might change when the official challenges launch on September 13 and there is a rumor that this season might end with a volcanic eruption, but it's not confirmed yet.