Guardians have found new reasons to get back on the “Destiny 2” grind as the game’s latest downloadable content - “Forsaken” has brought random rolls back into the game and introduced the hybrid game mode dubbed as Gambit.

The expansion also ushered in new Public Events that give out rewards to players once completed. However, there are still some “D2” folks out there who can’t figure out how to trigger these activities into their respective Heroic versions. That said, someone from the “Destiny” community recently rolled out an infographic that details how to do these.

Spreading the word

UX (user experience) designer and “Destiny 2” player Niris (@nicregis) recently took to Twitter to show his so-called Heroic Activations infographic where it detailed the steps on how to trigger the Heroic versions of the known Public Events in the new DLC. He even encouraged his fellow Guardians to pass the intel among the “D2” community as there are still some players who don’t know how to do it:

Steps detailed

Glimmer Extraction (EDZ and Nessus)

  • Guardians need to destroy the smaller node in each extraction zone. Defeating Fallen Commands before the node will just move the zone with new nodes.

Ether Resupply (EDZ and Nessus)

  • Killing the smaller Elite Servitors around the Boss Servitor before they disappear triggers the Heroic event.

Destroy the Arsenal Walker (EDZ and Titan)

  • Destroy a leg on a Spider Tank.
  • Use the arc charges to disable the three forcefields (two charges per forcefield).

Stop the Ether Ritual (Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City)

  • Eliminate the mini-boss.
  • Prevent the floating blobs from reaching the Servitor by shooting them.
  • Repeat the process three times.

Cryo Pod Freeze (Tangled Shore)

  • Shoot the smoking vents on the lower part of the pod once it electrifies the floor.
  • Pick up a Cryo Orb and throw it at the boss.
  • Repeat the process three times.

Witches Ritual (Titan and Mars)

  • Eliminate two shielded Wizards by standing on the Sigil Plates.
  • Stay on the plates and destroy the crystals at the top of the room.

Rift Generator (The Dreaming City)

  • Destroy the Blight that will appear above the water at the end of each wave.
  • Repeat the process three times.
  • A Giant Blight will then appear over the Rift Generator and being surrounded by three Wizards. Eliminate the Wizards before the generator is destroyed.
  • Guardians will then be teleported into the Ascendant Realm and will be pitted against a powerful boss.

Disrupt Vex Construction (Nessus and Io)

  • Players will have to stand and secure three captured plates (light from the Spire will show their locations)

Defeat the Gate Lord (Mercury)

  • Destroy the floating crystal located at the back of the island during the second phase.
  • These crystals will create platforms as Guardians will have to repeat the process until they reach the top and stand in the plate.

Cabal Excavation (EDZ, Nessus, and Mars)

  • Players will have to destroy the Cabal Thresher and capture 30 percent of the drill.

Injection Ring (EDZ, Nessus, and Mars)

  • Eliminate the Elite Psion to open the vents.
  • Destroy the three tiers of open vents located on the sides of the rig.