Bungie is slated to roll out a new raid event this week in “Destiny 2.” However, just days before the activity goes live, some Guardians have stumbled upon a way on how to get some of the loot connected to the raid.

A couple of YouTubers (Underplayed Creations and Ninja Pups) have recently uploaded walkthrough videos on how to reach a chest within The Dreaming City and it contains Last Wish raid loot. The latter even stated on his video that players can do the trick on any Guardian class adding that if players invite more of their friends in, they too will spawn at the chest and can hold the checkpoint for them.

As mentioned, weapons and armor can be obtained from the chest. However, it looks like the chest is not dropping off some of that powerful loot maybe due to the fact that the Last Wish Raid hasn’t been officially released yet.

Per GameRant, there’s a secret nook at Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City where players can get underneath the terrain. Below it is a way to a bridge where the secret is located.

A couple of Legendaries obtained

At the tail end of Underplayed’s clip, he managed to snag the Helm of the Great Hunt Legendary Helmet. Ninja Pups, on the other hand, got the Apex Predator Legendary Rocket Launcher that has these perks:

  • Snapshot Sights
  • Genesis
  • Alloy Casing
  • Impact Casing
  • Confined Launch
  • Countermass
  • Quick Launch

Such information was also posted over on the Raid Secrets subreddit and Redditors have mixed sentiments about the glitch.

Some players have tried following the walkthrough and claimed that the glitch was legit adding that they too got some raid loot. Others are still skeptical about it as some of them are worrying that their accounts might get banned by Bungie.

Guardians’ sentiments

That said, Redditor u/calamityjackrackham commented that the game developer will probably not ban those players.

The Redditor added that the glitch heavily suggests that the upcoming Last Wish Raid will be kicking off within a public space and could move to a private instance before the bridge (as per Vault of Glass). Otherwise, Guardians will have no way of glitching into an instance of the raid from patrol.

Last Wish kickoff time

The Last Wish raid event will officially go live this Friday, September 14 at 10 a.m. PT. Bungie also announced on their recent blog post that the first Fireteam of six will be rewarded with a nifty-looking championship belt alongside some bragging rights of being the World First.