Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” expansion has been around for several days now and the majority of the game’s player base is having a blast. However, not all tweaks that went alongside the DLC’s release were well received by Guardians. Just like the Masterwork core infusion, players are also expressing their dismay at the recent changes that Bungie made regarding how clan XPs are earned.

Several posts have been made about such concern by players over on the game’s subreddit and all are in unison that they’re not happy with these changes. One of the popular posts came from u/Lazy1nc as it tackled the clan XP bounty changes.

Per the Redditor, Bungie should consider changing the system that will enable its player base to be able to chip into their seasonal progression. He further explained that being forced into Crucible for the majority of clan bounties is not beneficial for fair/well-received changes. He went on, suggesting that the devs should either go back to the clan XP system where it is tied to activity participation or not binding the bounties to certain game modes.

Smaller clans won’t stand a chance

A similar sentiment was also posted by u/JellyBellyBoom and the Redditor suggested to the game maker a return to the original scheme of how Guardians earn their clan XP. He pointed out that small clans like the one that he’s in will no longer reach a maxed rank this season due to the recent clan XP changes.

The player also stated that small teams like them won’t stand a chance against larger clans who he believes are currently loving PvP events in “Destiny 2.” However, it seems that well-numbered clans are also affected by these tweaks as other members of the subreddit who claim to have a full clan are also struggling with the new system.

Dmg and Cozmo respond

Both Reddit posts have been gaining traction and have stirred some discussion among the game’s player base.

The latter even snagged a couple of golds from members of the subreddit and also a response from both Dmg (@A_dmg04) and Cozmo (@Cozmo23).

According to Dmg, they’ll be monitoring the players’ feedback surrounding changes within the clan progression system. He further explained that by the time Guardians reach level 50, a weekly clan bounty will be unlocked that will provide players additional points to grind for.

The same thing goes with Cozmo as he replied to a comment from a Redditor who pointed out that some of the closest friendships in the game originated from small clans (just like u/JellyBellyBoom’s) and such changes are hurting these players.