Bungie recently addressed some of the emerging issues in “Destiny 2” alongside some of the steps they took to eventually resolve these concerns. The developer also revealed that a hotfix will be deployed for Guardians who got hit by the recent Weekly Challenge reset bug. However, new issues have been brought to light by players as most of them are game-breaking.

The developer recently took to Twitter to announce that Hotfix will be implemented today, September 13. Once the patch goes live, players who were affected by the above-mentioned bug will be given proper Weekly Challenges and powerful rewards.

Bungie also pointed out that the fix will only provide the missing Weekly Challenges adding that this does not change anything else.

The game will be undergoing some maintenance for the hotfix with no downtimes. However, there’s a possibility that players will be removed from activities to receive the upcoming patch.

Bungi on the Sentinel subclass

Meanwhile, Community Manager Cozmo(@Cozmo23) responded to a fan suggestion over on the Destiny subreddit. According to the post, Redditor u/Gr0undf1ghter pitched in to not nerf the new subclasses. The OP further explained that the new subclasses are fun to use and the ones that he already got to play work really nicely.

Cozmo stated that they already spoke with the Sandbox team about it.

Per the team’s response, the tweaks they made with the Sentinel Resupply perk were made in preparation for the Last Wish raid. The Sandbox discovered that the perk may negatively impact the difficulty of some encounters in the game. They went on, stating that the second half of the tweaks will push through next week, adding that they believe that the upcoming changes will create an engaging and dynamic experience.

Oracle Offering bug and the recoil on PC

The community manager also stated that they’ll be looking into another issue in the game where the Oracle Offering disappears whenever players do fast traveling.

Dmg (@A_dmg04), on the other hand, tweeted out that the recoil on PC is currently under investigation as this was raised by one of the “D2” players. He also advised them to check Bungie Support for some announcements regarding the issue.

Hit registry issues with the new Void super

A hit registry issue on the new Void super was also brought to light by another player. He even posted several clips showing different PoVs for comparison. Bungie’s Senior Sandbox Designer Klawdd (@Claude_Jerome) took notice of the tweets and he responded that such intel will help them investigate the issue.