A momentous event happened a few days ago within the “Destiny 2” community as Clan Redeem was officially hailed by Bungie to be the first team to beat the grueling Last Wish Raid event. The completion of the activity also unlocked new contents in the online-only shooter which include The Corrupted Strike and a new Gambit map. Alongside some of the new stuff, Guardians also came across some strange things that may well seem to be a puzzle waiting to be solved, not to mention that they also encountered bugs while doing the raid activity.

D2” players are pretty much acquainted by now with the mysterious plates that were recently discovered in different locations in the game.

Each contains unique symbols and some of them were seen during the raid event. It may well seem that these are puzzle pieces, though no one has cracked the code yet. As of late, six plates have been discovered and it was compiled by Redditor u/KrystallAnn including where they were found.

Odd one out

Another Reddit user - u/vatakarnic33 - noticed that each plate has a certain symbol on it that is not accompanied by a matching pair. He added that these singular/non-repetitive symbols were placed on different spots of each plate. That said, he went on suggesting that each of the solo symbols including its position should be compiled together to create some sort of schematic that might come in handy in solving the puzzle later on.

Morse code inside the secret room

Guardians also stumbled upon a secret room near the First Encounter of the Last Wish raid.

It was also noted that the lit-up platform inside the room reacts whenever it is stepped on. Another Redditor - u/ExoticVoidwalker, recently took to the Raid Secrets subreddit to point out what he noticed with the button/platform. Per the player, he claims that there’s Morse code floating and turning in a counter-clockwise manner on the button.

The Redditor further explained that the code spells out the word “end” if it was read in the direction the arrows are pointing. A member of the subreddit commented that the code could be telling players where to look for the above-mentioned raid plates if there are still some of them hidden in the game. He even went on, speculating that “end” might be an acronym for Earth, Nessus, and Dreaming City. In line with this, another Guardian pointed out that one of the lamps in the Gardens of Esila seemed to be pulsing an SOS Morse signal. This may be unrelated, though it’s still a possibility.