Bungie has officially released update 2.0 for “Destiny 2” as it dropped numerous tweaks in the online-only shooter. The massive patch is also prepping up the game for its darkest expansion yet dubbed as “Forsaken.” That said, API updates 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 are now on standby as both of them are slated to go live by the time the DLC is rolled out.

Bungie API developer Vendal Thornheart recently detailed the changes and new features Guardians will be expecting in “Forsaken” over on Git Hub. He further explained that 2.3.1 will go live next week alongside the expansion since 2.3.0 has been rolled out today.

Per Thornheart, he made a couple of what he calls a changelist for Guardians to compare these changes. There’s also a more detailed information for each of these tweaks in his latest Git Hub post:

Support for new features in D2

First on the list are the Collectibles. The post suggests that it will be replacing the Kiosks in the game as it will give players details for each of the collectible items in “D2.”

Triumphs were also tackled in the updated API. Per its description, it’s a set of accomplishments that Guardians can attain in-game, not to mention that it also gives this so-called Grimoire Score-like feature.

Equipment Slots 2.0 is another change mentioned where both of the Guardians’ primary and secondary slots can hold up a wider range of weapons.

It was also noted that these weapons may use different types of ammunition as it is dependent on the player’s preferred weapon type.

Another interesting tweak is the Randomized Sockets. According to the post, it will enable “D2” weapons to “roll” with varying reusable plugs making items more diverse in the game.

In line with this, the updated API also mentioned of Challenge-based Milestones, Presentation Nodes, the new Gambit mode, and Korean support.

Improvements and concepts

More upcoming improvements were also detailed in Thornheart’s post. Per the developer, vendors are now allowed to override the inserted plug from the items that they are selling. Completion values for objectives will also be implemented as it is decided at runtime.

Another interesting improvement is that Guardians will have Titles on them as it can be acquired by completing certain Triumphs in the game. As for activity data, it will now give out details about loadout requisites for activities that give such restrictions. “Destiny 2’s” “ForsakenDLC is slated to be released on September 4.