Destiny 2’s” next downloadable content is still days away, yet players are beginning to obtain some of the “Forsaken” gear. They’ve also noticed that some of the popular weapons and armor in the online-only shooter have been buffed which is understandable since Guardians will be up against an equally powerful collective of escaped prisoners. However, “D2” fans also noticed some glitches in a couple of armor pieces in the game.

The Exotic Hunter boots – Orpheus Rig is just one of the “D2” gear items that got some tweaks in update 2.0. The leg armor is said to have been reworked by Bungie to work smoothly with the Way of the Pathfinder ability tree for the Hunter’s Nightstalker subclass.

The tweak may have done something more than it should for the gear as players claim that it is glitched.

The Orpheus Rig

Redditor u/DonnieG3 recently took to the Destiny subreddit to show what he noticed with the exotic. Per the Guardian, he observed that while the armor is equipped alongside a fully charged super as Way of the Pathfinder (or switched to Way of the Trapper), the super augmentation ability – Moebius Quiver is being carried over.

He also pointed out that as long as Guardians won’t get eliminated, both the Moebius Quiver and Shadowshot’s larger radius will be retained. However, when this is played outside of Mayhem, DonnieG3 stated that it is not possible in Crucibles. He further explained that it is less impacting in Strikes against fellow players than clearing out adds in the boss room.

Another Exotic armor that’s also been gaining traction is the Warlock Skull of Dire Ahamkara. “Destiny 2” players, especially Warlock folks, believe that the headgear is not that impressive for them, adding that it needs to get some much-needed buffs.

Bungie might have heard them as it received some tweaks from the recent 2.0 patch.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara after the update

YouTuber and “D2” player Ninja Pups recently uploaded a video about the Exotic and he compared it both pre and post patch. The helmet has this Intrinsic Perk known as Actual Grandeur where it provides additional damage resistance during Nova Bomb, adding that NB kills will grant Guardians super energy.

Per his video, he recorded a gameplay before the update showing his Warlock rounding up six Cabal majors in a normal Leviathan. After blowing them up with a Nova Bomb, his super was only charged up to barely 2/3 of the bar. However, repeating it after the update was a different story. After blowing up the Cabals, his super was once again fully charged. He even tried using it on the Strange Terrain Nightfall and got the same result. It looks like the unlimited Nova Bomb cheese is back.