Every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers enjoy a batch of free games with their membership. Each system such as the PS4, PS3, PSVR, and Vita get their own line of games though. It is a good feature and grants appeal for gamers to purchase a subscription, which can be bought with a couple of different packages with a year membership or three months.

PS4 games

October's free games will be "Friday the 13th: The Game" and "Laser League" for PlayStation 4 gamers, according to an article by GameSpot and confirmed by multiple sources. The games will be available for download from the time period of October 2-November 5 according to the article.

These two games will be available for PS4 owners, with "Master Reboot" and "The Bridge," which is also on the PS4 and Vita. PS Vita owners will be getting "Rocketbirds 2: Evolution," "2064: Read Only Memories" and "The Bridge" with them also being available to PS4 owners and "The Bridge" for both the PS4 and PS3. Another game called "Knowledge is Power" can still be downloaded as well.

"The Bridge" according to the article, is a puzzle game that looks incredible. "Rocketbirds 2: Evolution" is a "twin-stick shooter" and "2064: Read Only Memories" is a "sci-fi adventure game."

Fitting for Halloween

It makes total sense that "Friday the 13th: The Game" would be arriving in October as Halloween is at the end of the month and features a person controlling Jason Vorhees with the others being camp counselors.

It is an online multiplayer game just like "Dead by Daylight," which has the same feel to it with players controlling a set of different killers with others being able to play as different characters with different skills. "Dead by Daylight" arrived for the month of August and has been praised for it's fun and addictive qualities in upgrading characters and killers.

According to an article by Forbes, "Friday the 13th: The Game" pits seven camp counselors with one player playing as Jason. So eight players total are in one match. The survival horror game has been praised for its addictive and fun qualities as players try to escape the killer. According to an article by Forbes, the game received a 61 percent rating on Metacritic with "Laser League" getting 82 percent.

"Friday the 13th: The Game" has been criticized for the bugs within it, but still being fun.

"Laser League" on the other hand, according to the article from GameSpot, is also an online multiplayer game from the makers of "OlliOlli." PlayStation has really been on top of providing gamers with great games for the past 3 months.

Last month's games

The acclaimed game "God of War III Remastered" was out for the month of September, along with "Destiny 2" to gamers. "God of War" is one of the most notable PlayStation exclusives with the third game in the series being easily one of the best out of the trilogy and coming to a fitting end. "Destiny 2" was a good game that features roaming around the world and competitive multiplayer. These two games can still be downloaded onto the system before the new ones arrive for October.