Capcom announced the arrival of the last two DLC characters for "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition" at the EVO 2018 event. These characters are "SF" veteran and fan-favorite, Sagat, and the mysterious new fighter named G.The gameplay trailers for both characters will showcase their skills and abilities to annihilate and destroy their opponents.

Sagat and G will join the other season 3 characters like Sakura, Blanka, Falke, and Cody in the game, complete with their own story modes and alternate character outfits. "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition" is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Sagat returns to the sequel

According to Polygon, Sagat and G will be available in "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition" this week. Sagat first appeared as the final boss of the original "Street Fighter" game and became one of Ryu's most persistent rivals in the franchise. He will also have his own stage called the "King's Court."

Sagat, in the sequel, still has his signature moves: Tiger Shot, Tiger Knee Crush, and Tiger Uppercut. The Tiger Shot can be fired when he crouches, but it can inflict lower damage. The Tiger Uppercut can be used as an anti-air move for jumping opponents and surprise attacks when their guard is down.

The Tiger Knee Crush can be used to get a closer distance to the opponent.

Sagat's V-Skill, "Angry Charge," allows him to increase his attack power and quickly stun enemies with each blow. His first V-Trigger is called "Tiger Charge" which allows him to fire the "Tiger Cannon," a powered up version of his projectile attack. The second V-Trigger, "Tiger Assault," enhances his physical attacks to deal more damage with a single blow.

"Tiger Rampage" is Sagat's Critical Art as he beats his opponents with a series of Muay Thai kicks and punches, and finishes them up with a powerful uppercut.

The man named G

G was once rumored to appear in this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but it never happened. Fortunately, Capcom decided to introduce him and Sagat at the EVO 2018 and they shared a little bit of his backstory.

According to Capcom-Unity, G is a self-proclaimed "President of the World" and has every intention of proving it. His attacks consist of charging his "Presidentiality" level to create more devastating attacks. When he reaches level 3, G will be unstoppable and difficult to defeat.

G's V-Skill is called "G Barrier" and it allows him to create a force field and launches his opponents up in the air to set-up combos. His first V-Trigger, "Maximum President" increases his natural abilities and shot G Barrier as a projectile. His second skill, "Dangerous President" unlocks a devastating throw that smashes his opponents to the ground.

Finally, G's Critical Art is called "Pangea Burst" and it allows him to fire pillars of magma to the ground for maximum damage.