The latest updates for "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition" reveal an announcement about a new playable character on the roster is coming at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con event. The mysterious character, G, will be the fifth fighter for Season 3's lineup and Capcom will reveal more details about his history and move set in the game. There are also rumors of new characters being added to the sequel, as Reddit user Vergeben claimed in a post that he had possible names for the Season 4 fighters. "SF5" became one of most successful titles in the game's franchise due to its unique blend of gameplay features and an interesting selection of characters.

It has sold 1.9 million copies across the PS4 and PC platforms.

G added to 'Street Fighter 5's' roster

According to Event Hubs, Capcom will likely reveal that G is joining "Street Fighter 5's" roster at the San Diego Comic-Con. The Japanese video game publisher has a history of revealing something new and exciting for the fans, whether it be "Street Fighter" or other upcoming titles. Capcom announced Ken Masters for "SF5" at SDCC 2015, while Juri's trailer was showcased at SDCC 2016. Spider-Man, Mike Haggar, Frank West, and Nemesis made their "Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite" appearance at last year's event. So, it is not surprising that they will showcase G at this year's SDCC.

While there are no concrete details about G, besides dressing up as a showman, he is part of the sequel's Season 3 lineup, alongside Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, and Sagat.

Cody was recently added to the game's roster via a patch update and players can view his backstory and select a variety of alternate looks for him. For now, video game fans will just have to wait for the details about G to come out at SDCC 2018.

Season 4 characters coming soon

In a separate report from Event Hubs, it was revealed that infamous video game leaker, Vergeben, claimed that six brand new characters are being added to "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition." The names include "SF4's" newcomer C.

Viper, Q, Necro, and Oro from "SF3," and Sodom from "Final Fight." The sixth fighter will be a new character, making his/her debut to the sequel.

C. Viper made her debut in the fourth title and was added to the "Marvel vs Capcom 3's" roster. Q, Necro, and Oro became fan-favorites to the "Street Fighter" lore due to their odd backgrounds and unique gameplay styles. Sodom made his debut in "Final Fight" as a boss character and his history has been expanded to the "Alpha" games.