Pokemon GO” recently introduced a new quest known as Field Research. It involves a changing list of tasks to complete. This includes capturing Pokemon, throwing Pokeballs, Hatching Eggs, Gym Battles, Multi Raid Battles, Pokemon transfers, using Berry in an Encounter, getting a Buddy Candy, upgrading Pokemon, and landing a Pokeball throw. These quests are split into three basic categories and they are Research, Special Research, and Research Breakthrough, which started back in April. Each of these categories requires different kinds of actions to complete and they offer various rewards upon completion.

The research quests give players individual goals to achieve while they are out capturing Pokemon. Although they comprise of general day-to-day tasks, which every player can complete naturally while playing the game, the fact is that the tasks are difficult.

July Field Research quests

Pokemon GOJuly Field Research featured Pokemon from Kanto Region and offered a Body-Slam Snorlax as Research Breakthrough. This is a special kind of reward containing mystery items, which is given to players who complete a Field Research task. Normally, Pokemon Snorlax does not come with Body-Slam. However, it was changed as part of the July quests. Players who were able to complete the seven research tasks for Professor Willow were able to catch Snorlax with Body–Slam, a powerful attack on an already seriously powerful Pokemon.

Other rewards that were offered during the July quests included Eeeve, Pikachu, Jynx, Slowpoke, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Chansey, Dratini, and others.

Upcoming quests

According to Euro Gamer, August’s quests will present new tasks. There could be Special Research to keep players busy and great rewards for players who intend to build a better team for the game.

According to the Daily Express, August Field Research quests will have an electric theme, focusing on Electric-type Pokemon. such as Pikachu, Electrike, and Mareep. Also, players who are able to get seven Field Research stamps during the quests will be rewarded with Legendary Pokemon Raikou for Research Breakthrough. Players who are able to hatch five Eggs will earn Chansey, Dratini, Larvitar, and Houndour.

According to the Daily Express, Spinda, a Normal-type Pokemon which comes in different forms, will be made available for players during this quest. In order to catch this Pokemon, users will need to catch three curveballs. Interestingly, players who have existing stamps from July Field Research quests are able to carry them over into August. This helps encounter the Legendary Pokemon Raikou faster.