Another “Fortnite” update is about to drop and it is expected to introduce new content to the game. That said, data miners are on a grind once again to see what has been added in the files, hoping that they could catch a glimpse of the upcoming cosmetics in the third-person shooter’s battle royale mode.

One of the leakers - @Fortnitee_Leaks – took to Twitter once again to reveal that new skins for “Fortnite” BR are now added to the game files. A screenshot of some of these files was even posted and if these are anything to go by, it may well seem that the Durrr Burger skin (Durrburger Hero in the files) will finally come to fruition.

Other outfits that are likely to arrive alongside update V5.2 include:

  • Excercise (male and female versions)
  • Street Racer White (male and female versions)
  • Fuzzy Bear Panda (female)
  • Sushi Chef (male)

Be reminded though, that these names could be just the cosmetic code names within the game files and are likely to change by the time they are officially introduced.

Previously suggested on Reddit

The data miner also pointed out that a couple of these yet to be released skins, (Fuzzy Bear Panda and the Durrburger Hero), were previously pitched over on the FortniteBR subreddit by u/Jantrax_NL. The Redditor has a lot of cosmetic suggestions for the game’s BR mode and these can be found on that subreddit.

In line with this, the Limited Time Mode files (LTM) were also updated.

A lot has been added onto it though it’s not yet certain which one will be for Battle Royale and which one is for Save the World:

  • 5x20
  • Bling
  • Blitz
  • Comp Blitz
  • Deimos
  • Final
  • Gameplay Mutators
  • Ground
  • Fly Explosives
  • Impact
  • Practice
  • Score
  • Shotguns
  • Sky Supply
  • Snipers
  • Solid Gold
  • Steady Storm
  • Taxes
  • “WW”

The Heavy Sniper could be rolled out in V5.2

Data miners also discovered that three new weapons will be introduced to the game and include a Break-barrel shotgun, Rail sniper, and the Heavy sniper.

The third weapon has been with “Fortnite’s” STW mode bearing the moniker the Obliterator. It was also believed to be rolled out in the current patch (V5.10) but never happened.

Meanwhile, week 5 challenges were also leaked. These quests are still subject to change, however:

  • Deal damage with Clinger, Stink Bomb, Grenade (0/300)
  • Hit hole in one from different tees (0/5)
  • Use Rift Portals (0/3)
  • Search Chests in Junk Junction (0/7)
  • Follow the Treasure Map found in Greasy Grove (0/1)
  • Eliminate opponents (0/3)
  • Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts (0/3)

The “Fortnite” community is expecting that update V5.2 could go live this Tuesday, August 7.