The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" game reveal new details about Peter Parker and his love interest, Mary Jane Watson. Video game news website, VG 24/7, were able to get their hands on a full gameplay experience and cited different roles for both characters.

There is also a clear gameplay video of Spidey's battle with Wilson Fisk and his goons. "Spider-Man's" story will feature Peter balancing his life as both scientist and superhero as he struggles to stop Martin Li and his gang from taking over New York. He will also have to contend with old foes and the city's new mayor, Norman Osborn.

Peter Parker puzzle solving and Mary Jane Watson stealth missions

According to VG 24/7, Insomniac Games created separate gameplay styles for Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in "Spider-Man." In Spidey's civilian identity, players will engage in puzzle solving as Peter tries to connect electric circuits together with rotating pieces. Peter can also craft different upgrades for his advance Spidey suit to unlock new skills and weaponry.

As for Mary Jane Watson, she is no longer a damsel-in-distress that needs saving, but a curious and brave journalist for the Daily Bugle. Her gameplay will involve sneaking around and gather evidence from criminal organizations. She is also convinced Peter to be a hero once again and her interactions with other characters give off more insightful details about her development beyond the comic books.

The website also revealed details of the game's combat system and described it as more complicated and action-packed version of the "Batman Arkham" games. The game will also have side-quests such as finding Peter's old backpacks all over the city, which will unlock several items such as fan art and costumes.

Spider-Man vs Kingpin boss battle

According to Game Informer, Peter's battle with Kingpin will serve as a tutorial for "Spider-Man" as the web-slinger looks to put an end to Wilson Fisk's organization before retiring. The mission starts with Peter entering Fisk is building and he is accompanied by a SWAT team.

However, he soon found out that they were working with Kingpin and fights them.

He then proceeds through Fisk's office and engages him in one-on-one combat. Fisk will use his massive size and strength to beat the players. He will then call for back-up to tip the scales in his favor. Players will need to quick thinking and fast-paced moves to defeat them.