Season 5 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" is going to enter its sixth week this Thursday and players will get a new set of challenges. Beside seven new weekly tasks, "Fortnite" players will get the first huge map change in the fifth season, as was previously revealed. This season has brought the cracked sky and rifts, but it seems that the sky will shrink on August 21, changing the map and preparing it for season 6.

While this is all happening, players will be busy completing new challenges, which include the mystery about stone heads on the island.

According to Game Rant, once again, there will be seven tasks, with three of them being available for players who don't own a Battle Pass. Completing all the challenges will reward players with five Battle Pass tiers, while completing four of them will yield 6,000 Season XP.

Free challenges

The first free challenge will require "Fortnite Battle Royale" players to deal 500 headshot damage to their opponents. This task gives five Battle Stars when successfully completed, and it should be easy to do considering that almost every weapon has massive headshot damage. Additionally, Epic Games will release Heavy Sniper Rifle this week, and this rifle is capable of doing over 350 headshot damage.

Another task that gives five Battle Stars includes harvesting materials with a pickaxe.

Players will have to harvest 3,000 materials to complete this challenge, which is something that can be done in a single game.

The final free challenge will reveal the mystery about the stone heads. It turns out that Salty Springs will not be destroyed, but that the stone heads are simply pointing to the place of a secret Battle Star.

Completing this will reward players with a Battle Pass tier.

Battle Pass challenges

On Thursday, Lonely Lodge will be the hottest landing spot as players will have to open seven chests in this area for the first Battle Pass challenge. The fifth challenge will require players to complete five time trials. While there are no details about this task, it will most likely include all-terrain karts.

The first hard challenge in this category will be about heavy guns. Players will have to get two eliminations, either with Minigun or Light Machine Gun, and they will be rewarded with one Battle Pass tier for their efforts. The last mission will be to eliminate three opponents in Tilted Towers. This area is already a popular landing zone, so we can expect even more players to drop there this week.