Pokemon GO” Johto event is ongoing. According to Game Spot, Niantic has increased the spawn of generation two Pokemon alongside fantastic research encounter rewards, which has made it even more exciting for players. This is a great opportunity for players to fill out their second generation Pokedex in order to get the best out of the ongoing Special Research.

Rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh

Pokemon Ho-Oh is a dual Fire and Flying-type monster which was first discovered in the Johto Region. The monster is the leader of the Legendary Raid Beasts and one of the most defensively bulky Pokemon in ”Pokemon GO.” Shiny Ho-Oh is back to the game and will remain until the Johto Week event ends.

The Legendary monster will be available in the game until August 27. It's feathers glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which it is struck by light. This is why it is called Rainbow Pokemon. The avian Pokemon looks like a Peacock and Phoenix. The mythical creature is believed to have the ability to resurrect the dead and bring eternal happiness. Its previous exclusive move was Sacred Fire. However, it has learned new and different move sets including Solar Beam.

How to catch Shiny Ho-Oh

Legendary Raid Bosses such as Ho-Oh, Lugia, and others are hard to catch. Unlike Lugia, Shiny Ho-oh is very easy to hit because of its inability to backflip. Here are three steps Players should take in order to catch the rainbow bird.

Step one

The first step to take in order to beat and catch the rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh is to gather players in to fight the monster in tier five raids. These spawn randomly at gyms and players can purchase Raid Passes to enter the Raid once the timer appears above the Gym.

Step two

The second step is to fight the Legendary monster with strong and powerful counters such as the rock, electric, and water type Pokemon.

The best three counters you can use when fighting the Legendary Raid Boss are Kyogre, Omastar, and Golem. Pokemon with big, fire, grass, steel, ground, and fairy type moves are weak against Ho-Oh. Omastar resists the brave bird’s blast due to its water/ rock typing. Golem resists it because of its dual rock moves which are resistant to Ho Oh’s Fire Blast, while Kyogre resists it because of its strong dual water-type moves which resist the burd’s Fire Blast move.

However, these three Pokemon are weak against Ho-Oh’s Solar Beam. Players who encounter Ho-Oh with Solar Beam should battle it with Raikou, Zapdos, and Rayquaza.

Step three

The ability to catch a defeated Shiny Ho-Oh depends on the player's Curveball throws. Curveball throws with a Golden Razz Berry have thirteen percent catch rate, Normal curveball throws have a five percent catch rate, while normal throws with a Golden Razz Berry have a seven percent catch rate. The Legendary monster tends to be close to the screen and can rise high up. In this case, Players are advised to spin and throw curveballs straight up and next to the center of the screen or from the lower left corner. If it is close, throw the ball once the animation ends. Once the bird is lower on the screen, it's very hard to catch.