Fantastic. Just a few minutes ago, new interesting details about the new "Pokemon GO" updates were revealed. Two new creatures have been revealed. According to this source, Niantic is in the process of preparing a new "Pokémon GO" event, which will begin on February 14, when many countries celebrate Valentine's Day. According to portal Slashgear, famous for its successful leaks of "Pokémon GO" in the past, in the coming weeks, Niantic will launch a new update that will bring many new features to users.

The new Pokemon that are arriving to the game

According to the publication, the best of this new event would be the arrival of two new Pokémon in the game (Espeon and Umbreon). If you are a fan of this franchise, and you do not play "Pokémon GO" by fashion, you will surely know that they are evolutions of Eevee. According to Slashgear, obtaining Espeon and Umbreon will be somewhat complicated for users, since they must raise the "love" of their Eevee by choosing it as a companion and waiting until a certain time of day.

To get Espeon, for example, you must walk with your Eevee several kilometers and get lots of candy, this will increase your "love" and put in place the necessary elements to allow the evolution to take place.

However, you should do so between 4:00 a.m. And 5:59 p.m. The case of Umbreon is very similar, you must increase the "love" of your Eevee by walking and obtaining many candies, when it is ready you will have to evolve it between 6:00 p.m. And 3:59 a.m.

Additional information about this new update

In addition to this "surprise," Niantic will be releasing others during the event to be held on Valentine's Day.

According to the source that revealed this new information, Niantic will surprise the world again with new, amazing creatures, which users will appreciate. A few hours ago, the portal Spriters Resource (a database of sprites of various video games), published a series of images that show us the Pokémon of the region Johto that will be added soon to "Pokémon GO."