"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games has already added a few new weapons in Season 5. A few days ago, the developer released a Double Barrel Shotgun in the popular battle royale game, making it the second legendary shotgun. After this shotgun and numerous buffs to submachine guns, "Fortnite Battle Royale" has plenty of close-range weapons, and that is why Epic Games will release a new long-range rifle. Epic Game also put console players in the same lobby with PC players.

Heavy Sniper Rifle, which was leaked a few weeks ago, is finally making its way to the video game.

The new rifle will be incredibly powerful against structures and it will deal massive headshot damage. This will be the third legendary sniper rifle in the game, which makes me believe that Epic Games may stop adding long-range weapons after they release the new rifle. The rifle will be released with the 5.20 content update.

Deadly weapon against structures

Even though a sniper rifle is an odd choice for a weapon against structures, many players have used Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles to destroy enemy structures during the initial phases. For example, the rare bolt sniper does 105 damage, which is enough to destroy both wall and brick walls, as they have under 105 initial HP. However, Heavy Sniper will be able to one-shot any structure, even when it's completely built.

This includes the recently-buffed metal wall.

While this gun deals massive damage to structures, its reload time may be the reason why many players decide not to use it. Heavy Sniper takes over four seconds to reload, which means that players who use it will be at a disadvantage if they miss a shot. Bolt-Action Sniper has a slightly shorter reload time and its headshot damage is lethal, so it will be interesting to see which weapon players will use more.

The strongest weapon in the game

Heavy Sniper Rifle will be the strongest weapon for headshots, as it will deal over 340 headshot damage. According to Twitter page FNBRLeaks, the epic variant of this rifle will deal 150 damage to the body and 342 headshot damage. The legendary variant will be more powerful with 157 body damage and around 355 critical strike damage.

Even though this weapon has a long reload time, its damage is massive and the game developer may decide to change it. Getting a body shot is relatively easy, so 150 damage may be a bit too much. The upcoming sniper rifle will be the strongest weapon in the game, for both body shot damage and critical strikes.