Over the years, Capcom's popular Mega Man franchise has had many sub-franchises, each with its own aesthetics and uniquely designed characters, including Mega Man. "Rockman Ability," the latest incarnation coming to pachislot machines, will follow the tradition, but its most striking redesign was done to the blue bomber's creator, Dr. Light. "Megan Man 11" will also introduce a newcomer mode.

From father to mother

In July, Capcom made the surprise announcement that its beloved Mega Man franchise was making the jump from the video game platforms to gambling machines with the new sub-franchise.

However, the first set of character designs and artwork shown for the pachislot title only included a newly designed Mega Man and Robot Masters. Now, thanks to a recent update, from a Twitter user known as Entaraina, it has been revealed that Mega Man wasn't the only popular character who was receiving a visual upgrade for this new franchise. According to the details, Dr. Light, who is the franchise's most important supporting character, has swapped genders.

Who is (or was) Dr. Light?

Throughout the franchise, Dr. Thomas Light has served as the creator and father figure of the heroic robot, Mega Man. In most narratives, he has charged Mega Man with the task of fighting his arch nemesis Dr.

Wiley, a mad scientist who constantly wages a terrorist campaign against society with the help of a team of renegade robots called the Robot Masters. Here is a breakdown of the "Mega Man: Legacy Collection." Routinely, Dr. Light was depicted as a middle-aged, white-bearded male. But in "Rockman Ability," the good doctor is now depicted as a young, beautiful, red-headed woman wearing glasses.

The change will undoubtedly generate buzz for the sub-franchise and its gambling machines.

Details about the game

"Rockman Ability" is a sub-franchise that is exclusive to Japanese slot machines known as pachislot. These machines are an updated version of the popular pachinko game. The game will feature a visually updated Mega Man, Proto Man, Robot Masters, and other characters.

The Robot masters in the pachislot game will consist of new adversaries for Mega man to fight. These include Lever Man, Coin Woman, Reversi man, Choice Man, and Replay Man.

According to Fields Corporation, the pachislot company involved with the development of the machines, the new Mega Man game is meant to appeal to both pachislot enthusiasts and gaming/anime fans across Japan. "Rockman Ability" is scheduled for release across Japan sometime in September 2018.