The latest updates for "Soul Calibur 6" reveal two new playable characters to the roster and a new story mode. Bandai Namco Entertainment streamed two new gameplay trailers for fan-favorite warrior Tira and the new character, Azwel. They also showcased the new game mode called "Libra of Soul" that will enable players to create and customize their own warrior and explore the sequel's world and fight other players online.

The sequel's story will take place during the 16th century and it will chronicle certain events from the first game. Players discover the hidden secrets of Soul Calibur and its evil counterpart, Soul Edge.

New characters added for Soul Calibur 6

According to VG 24/7, Tira will be added to "Soul Calibur 6's" roster as a standalone DLC fighter which players can unlock using the sequel's season pass. Tira made her debut in the third game and she is equipped with a circular blade called "Eiserne Drossel." She has a violent and sadistic personality as she enjoys inflicting serious damage on her opponents.

Tira can use her weapon for both offense and defense in battle and can throw it as a projectile. Her "Dance of Death" fighting style makes her quick and unpredictable and players can use it to confuse and inflict more damage in combos.

The second playable fighter is Azwell, an evil sorcerer who can wield not one, but six weapons in the game.

Comic reported that Azwel can switch each weapon anytime as players can be creative in inflicting serious damage and combos. He can also use his magic to summon all of his weapons or blast magic spells for range attacks.

Azwel also has a second form that allows him to use Soul Edge in battle and drunken use of the weapon makes him a more powerful and dangerous foe.

So far, the playable characters in "Soul Calibur 6's" roster include Seigfried, Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Nightmare, Kilik, Taki, Ivy, Xianghua, Zalsalamel, Voldo, Maxi, Astaroth, Yoshimitsu, Seong Mi-Na, Groh, and Geralt of Rivia from "The Witcher" game franchise.

Libra of Soul game mode

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced at Gamescom 2018 a new story mode called "Libra of Soul" for the sequel.

This new story mode will act as a companion for the "Chronicle of Souls" main story mode, and players are now allowed to create their own character avatar.

The player's character can be customized from gender, body type, and facial features to fighting style, weapons, and armor. They can meet up with other players online and challenge them to battle. They can also meet up with the main characters as they help them search for the shards of Soul Edge in the story.