"Fortnite Battle Royale" is entering the last few weeks of season 5, and many players are expecting some big changes to happen. So far in the season, there haven't been any big changes, which is rather disappointing. Season 4 was very interesting as it included bi-weekly map updates. Even though many of these updates were subtle, players loved them and they would like to see something similar this season.

Fortunately, it seems that Epic Games is going to bring more changes to the in-game island. On August 19, there was a small change to Tomato Town as this area got the tomatohead statue back.

While this was a small event which wasn't significant to many players, it may have hinted at the destruction of this town. The game developer is also planning another map-changing event for August 21, and this event will be much bigger.

The August 21 event

Season 5 was introduced by rifts which appeared all over the in-game island. The video game developer used rifts as portals between two worlds, which is why the fifth season has a few historical places. Additionally, players can interact with rifts which are close to the ground as they give them a height boost and allow them to open their gliders and umbrellas.

However, it seems that the big rift on the sky will disappear on August 21. It is still unknown whether or not this change will affect the rifts players can interact with, but there is no doubt that this is going to be the biggest event of season 5 so far.

Considering that the rift has played a huge role this season, it is unknown what will happen after it disappears. The rift was created by the missile which was launched by The Visitor at the end of season 4, so it won't be surprising if this event brings The Visitor back.

There are many questions surrounding this event, and Epic Games hasn't given us any answers.

We will have to find them out for ourselves, and hopefully this upcoming event will be as big as the missile launch event which introduced us to season 5.

The August 27 event

The tomatohead is back in Tomato Town, yet it seems that this will not be the end of events for this part of the map. According to FNBRLeaks Twitter page, Epic Games is preparing another event for this part of the island, and the next one will occur on August 27 at 2:00 PM ET.

Players will get a special Road Trip skin this Thursday, so it is very likely that the game developer will once again use this character in the storyline.