"Fortnite" Season 4 ended with the disappearance of Tomato Head and Durr Burger into the Rift. Later on, it was revealed that Durr Burger had magically re-appeared in the California desert, as a part of the game's advertisement. The big crack in the sky in "Fortnite" map kicked the season 5 of the game.

A new rift appears in Tomato Town

Earlier this week, a data miner (FNBRLeaks) revealed that an event was going to take place this Sunday. A snippet of the code shows the date of 2018-8-19 and the name of the event is listed as Oddity_Tomato_Tell. Since then, fans have been theorizing that the Tomato Head will finally make his return in the game.

Another "Fortnite" player, on Fortnite Master, found that a new rift has appeared in the Tomato Town. The rift itself doesn't really look like other rift portals found in the game, it has a cloud-like effect and it twinkles when a player stands in it. This new rift can be found on top of Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit, where the large Tomato Head used to be.

This new rift could mean the return of our beloved Tomato Head mascot.

Crack in the sky to vanish

The rift in the sky that appeared at the end of season 4 was one of the biggest changes in the "Fortnite: Battle Royale." This event paved way for new game elements like the Rift Portals and cosmetic items, it even had an effect on the real world, like the appearance of Loot Llamas all over Europe.

New information from the data miners suggests that the rift is set to disappear on August 21 completely.

The rift has been shrinking for quite some while now, but the main question is, would it also take away the Rift Portals with it? The season 5 Battle Pass challenges consist of challenges that require players to jump in Rift Portals, so they might stay for a while after the big rift disappears.

All of the above information isn't officially revealed by Epic Game and they love to put hints about the upcoming event in their code for fans to find. So far, season 5 of "Fortnite" has been uneventful, but with only 4 weeks left in this season, it seems like things are finally starting to ramp up.

According to Express, "Fortnite: Battle Royale" season 6 will have a release date of Tuesday, September 18, 2018, unless it gets delayed like previous season updates, then it could launch on Thursday, September 20. Hints about the next season are expected to drop once the rifts are removed from the game just like season 4, which saw a lot of hints about the Rocket Launch, right before the main event.