Season 5 has been a period of some huge weapon changes in "Fortnite Battle Royale" as Epic Games has tried to bring balance to the game. This season has seen the rise of submachine guns and a new meta, but things still aren't as good as the game developer would like them to be. That is why the Pump Shotgun will be getting a buff next week, and there is a good chance that we will see the return of the double pump.

Submachine guns are a much better option for close-range combat at the moment, but Epic Games will try to make things balanced by making shotguns slightly better.

With the recent buffs to metal and nerfs to submachine guns, shotguns have become more viable, but they are still worse than their counterparts. Next week, things should change and more players will most likely start using Pump Shotguns.

Pump Shotgun buff

At the moment, uncommon and rare Pump Shotguns deal 80 and 85 damage respectively. Headshot multiplier is only 2.0, which means that the maximum damage it is capable of dealing is 170. Up until a few weeks ago, the Pump Shotgun was one of the strongest guns in the game as its maximum damage was over 200. Its base damage was 90 and 95 with a 2.5 headshot multiplier.

To make things even worse, Epic Games released a patch in July that added a delay when switching between two shotguns.

This made the double pump technique completely useless, and it forced players to switch to another strategy for close-range combat.

However, it seems that things will change soon as the "Fortnite Battle Royale" game developer announced that this shotgun will have a shorter equip delay. Basically, this means that players will be able to shoot quicker after equipping it.

It is not clear how this will affect the double pump, but there is no doubt that using this technique will be slightly more effective than it is now.

Either way, this gives gamers something to look forward to regarding the upcoming update to the game.

More changes coming to 'Fortnite'

According to the tweet above, fans can expect more shotgun changes to come this season. At the moment, the Heavy Shotgun and the Double Barrel Shotgun seem fine, but the two other shotguns are definitely underperforming when compared to their counterparts. It will be hard to balance things out, but things could get much better by the end of the current season of "Fortnite."

What do you think of the Pump Shotgun equip time being slightly reduced in update 5.30?