Studio Wildcard has just released a new patch for “ARK: Survival Evolved” where it introduced a new Tek dino, a Corrupted outfit, and new color schemes for these massive lizards. The developer also rolled out a couple of “Extinction” teasers as it showed some of the things the next expansion has to offer.

Wildcard just revealed a couple of images showcasing what would Earth look like in “ARK: Extinction.” The images are most likely to be concept art and not in-game screenshots as the first image hint at a Corrupted T-Rex and Pterodactyl. It can also be seen in the teaser image that the Obelisk is somewhat protected by a dome-shaped barrier, not to mention the overgrowth in what players deem as a tek city.

The second teaser shows a flora-rich concept art as it is believed to be within the city. “ARK” players noticed a creature in the right corner of the image which is similar to an alien xenomorph. Some of them pointed out that it’s an Enforcer, though this has yet to be confirmed when “Extinction” officially goes live.

‘ARK: Extinction Chronicles III’

Meanwhile, the recently released “ARK: Extinction Chronicles” has introduced the Tek Raptor in the game. Per the patch notes, the mechanized lizard will have a five percent spawn chance in the game. In line with this, YouTuber ThickFreedom also stated that that the new Tek dino will have a higher base level of up to 20 percent as compared to the normal Raptor.

Just like the first and second Extinction Chronicles, its third installment also brought in Explorer Notes. Collect all three of them and the Corrupted Pants will be unlocked. It also added a new color set to the game (red, black, white, and grey) alongside an increase in the player’s maximum level by one.

Both “Aberration” and “Scorched Earth” also received some tweaks.

The former now has a buffed Plant-Z range of up to 300 percent, not to mention that Wildcard has enabled the Tek Teleporter for this expansion. As for “Scorched Earth,” the game maker assured its player base that there will be no more sunlight issues as crop plots can now be grown where they expect it to be.

Evolution Event this weekend

The Evolution Event will go live this weekend as it will kick off this Friday, August 17 at 1 p.m. EST and wraps up on Monday, August 20 at 3 p.m. EST. As always, “ARK” players will enjoy double harvesting, taming and experience rates.

For the uninitiated, “ARK: Extinction” is scheduled to be rolled out on November 6, 2018. It is also available for purchase through the Season Pass.