The latest updates for "Mega Man 11" reveal a new game mode and extended boss battles. Capcom showcased a new gameplay video for the sequel on their TV Livestream session featuring the Blue Bomber's encounter with Robot Masters, Fuse Man and Block Man.

Game producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya introduced a new game mode called "Newcomer Mode" along with its key features which were designed for players who are new to the "Mega Man" franchise. The 11th title will help Capcom revive the classic series with new graphics and game engine. The game will launch on October 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

'Newcomer Mode' details revealed

According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya added Newcomer Mode for "Mega Man 11" as a way to introduce new players to the game series. The mode will help players get a grasp of the sequel before challenging themselves to a more difficult setting, otherwise, they will feel dejected or frustrated when they repeatedly die or fall down in the game.

“We tried to think of the kind of things that might sour the experience for newcomers and how we could address them,” Tsuchiya said. “What other things could we do to create a better experience for newcomers besides just making the enemies weaker?”

Newcomer Mode will have three key features in the game. The first feature is the simple and more generous use of the Double Gear System.

The system allows Mega Man to slow down time and increase his firepower. Players can combine both abilities whenever they are low in health. The drawback to this system is that players will not be able to use it whenever it overheats. In Newcomer Mode, the gauge takes longer to heat up, allowing players to use it longer and it recovers much faster.

The new game mode will also allow players to not die when they fall off a gap, as they are automatically rescued by Beat. The last feature allows players to perform regular rapid-fire Buster Shots, which normally players have to charge before performing the move.

Fuse Man and Block Man stages

According to Siliconera, Capcom showcased extended gameplay in "Mega Man 11," featuring the stages of Fuse Man and Block Man.

In Fuse Man's stage, players will make use of the Double Gear System as players must use the Speed Gear to overcome electrical barriers, and the Power Gear to fight-off shielded enemy units.

As for Block Man, players will be running for their lives as a spiked wall is after them. Mega Man will use his Power Gear to take out the mid-boss character and Rush can be summoned to assist him with difficult parts of the stage