The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game reveal that there will not be any guest Marvel superheroes appearances. Game director Bryan Intihar has confirmed this after answering several fan questions about the game on Twitter.

Insomniac Games brand officer, Ryan Schneider also talked about the development of the game and how this project raised the bar in terms of creativity, storytelling, and brand promotion. "Spider-Man" will have players assume the role of Peter Parker as he defends New York City and balancing having a normal life.

He will soon encounter a threat in the city that will affect him and his loved ones.

No other Marvel heroes in 'Spider-Man'

According to ComicBook, director Bryan Intihar tweeted that there will no appearances from any member of the Avengers in "Spider-Man." Despite the disappointing announcement, Intihar did not deny that these heroes exist in the game as the Avengers tower was spotted in previous game demos, not to mention, the Daily Bugle newspapers pointed out Easter eggs of Avengers Mansion and Daredevil.

Intihar also tweeted that the Fantastic Four and their home base, the Baxter Building, will not be included in the game. Spidey has a close relationship with the Fantastic Four in the comics as he is best friends with Johnny Storm (a.k.a.

Human Torch) and the godfather to Reed and Susan Richard's children. In fact, he was chosen as a member of the Future Foundation after the premature demise of Johnny.

Segment Next previously reported that the "Spidey" game might open doors for Insomniac Games to develop other Marvel characters to expand reach in the video game industry.

Whether they will pursue this venture or not is yet to be determined.

Raising the bar for Insomniac Games

According to Segment Next, Ryan Schneider stated that the "Spider-Man" game gave the studio the opportunity to excel and step up their game when they work on the project. The web-slinger's influence in the comics and other forms of media enabled them to come up with new ideas and concepts that catered to their passion and desire to make the best Spidey game of all time.

Schneider added that they have raised the bar for the game and they have proven that during the Electronic Entertainment Expo event.

"What we’ve been trying to do is raise the bar every E3 we’ve been at, and any time we are public with any asset, with any story we wanna tell," Schneider told Segment Next. "We realize that we need to outdo ourselves from the time before and that, not to get too corny, but we understand the great responsibility we have to deliver a truly remarkable Spider-Man experience."

"Spider-Man" is set to launch on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 console.