Fortnite’s” latest season has ushered new items into the game including several changes within the battle royale map. However, players are now beginning to experience several issues in some of the map’s points of interest.

One of the issues that were recently brought to light was the hit boxes of structures at the Viking village. It was discovered that hit boxes on roofs were noticeably larger than they should be, making it pretty much game-breaking. A Redditor known as u/carrareddit posted a short clip showing the issue. The video shows the player clearly hitting an opponent, though it’s not inflicting any damage to that player.

Instead, all the shots registered on the roof and it can be seen that the health bar dwindled down before finally hitting the other player. The post is gaining traction among members of the sub, though Epic Games has yet to address the issue.

Slanted roofs' weird characteristics

In line with this, u/Dbroncos16 pointed out that the slanted roofs over on Paradise Palms also seem to exhibit some weird attributes. Per the Redditor, the roofs look like wood, though it sounds like metal when hit by a pickaxe. What made it even weirder is that they give out bricks when harvested.

The pueblo-looking POI within Paradise Palms seems to be having some issues as well. U/ky1e0 also posted a video of one of his game plays showing the bug.

The player just landed on that part of the map and claims that he was getting resources to get a Tac on top of a house. However, as the title of his post suggests, the stairs that he planned on building didn’t seem to work, resulting in him getting eliminated.

Other members of the sub stated that they too experienced that same issue, adding that the entire area is bugged.

Some even claim that such an issue happens across the entire map. However, there are still a few who still go there as there are a lot of chests on that POI, and few players usually land there.

Another glitch that players came across with early on in “Fortnite’s” season 5 is the extremely OP Heavy Shotgun. Epic Games immediately fixed it as soon as they caught wind of it adding that there was a typo within the data that caused the weapon’s damage to be doubled.

The glitched floor at Tilted

Prior to update V5’s release, players might recall the so-called floor glitch at Tilted’s newest building. Those who are aware of it simply just went under the building’s basement and fired away at incoming enemies without the worries of getting shot.