Fortnite’s” latest season was officially released a few days ago alongside some new updates in the game. Weapon changes were also part of update V5 and this included significant tweaks to the Shotgun. However, Epic made a bit of slip up with the Heavy Shotgun as it was observed by a lot of players to be extremely overpowered.

Someone from the FortniteBR subreddit recently posted a short clip showing how the weapon melts other players in the game. Per the video, the one with the Power Chord skin initially tried the new rift in the game and landed on top of a tree.

As soon as he spotted another player (with the Zoey skin), he fired at the opponent using the Heavy Shotgun. All it took was a single shot to eliminate the player as the amount of damage that was inflicted was a whopping 367 (now that’s a lotta damage).

Epic’s immediate fix

Epic Games stated that they already took notice of the issue early on after the downtime for update V5 ended. They further explained that it ended up being a typo within the data and was immediately fixed.

As mentioned, Shotguns got several tweaks in the recent update. According to the patch notes, the weapon can now show how many pellets hit the enemy. Adjustments to its spread patterns were also done for it to be consistent with no random variation.

The Heavy Shotgun can now fire 10 pellets from the previous five, though its maximum damage was retained. Lastly, the weapon cannot be fired for a brief moment after another Shotgun is fired.

The ATK’s roof failed him

“Fortnite’s” season 5 also introduced a lot of new stuff in the game and one of those was the All-Terrain Kart (ATK). It was stated that the new vehicle will have more room for players especially when they are playing in squads, not to mention that the roof can serve as a Bounce Pad.

However, that feature may not be true as some people noticed that it doesn’t seem to work.

YouTuber and “Fortnite” player BobbyBoJanglles recently took to the same subreddit to show what happened when he tried on the ATK’s additional feature. It can be seen in the video that his Skeleton Trooper jumped off a tall structure as and was expecting to see his character bounce off the vehicle’s roof. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. As soon as he landed onto it, a loud thud could be heard and this was followed by the Skeleton Trooper getting knocked down. Epic, saw the short clip and assured them that this will be fixed in the next build.