Fortnite” fans are just days away from the game’s fifth season. A lot of strange things have happened within its battle royale map. One of the most recent anomalies was the presence of sand that covered a huge portion of the map for a short period of time.

Quite a number of players have recently noticed that sand was very much evident on the BR map, especially near Lonely Lodge and Dusty Divot. Fans of the game believe that this could be a graphics glitch that just happened, while there are some who have speculated that Epic Games might have made a slip up with this one.

That said, this may well confirm the previous leaks suggesting that the game will be getting a desert location on the map. In line with this, players also began noticing that dust/sand is slowly picking up over at Dusty.

Subfolder hints

Several data miners even took to Twitter to reveal what they just found in the game files. If the tweeted 3D images are any indication, they seem to backup the above-mentioned leaks. Some of the 3D renders include a cliff-looking rock formation and an old rusted car. Pueblo game assets were also spotted within the files which seemingly confirm the Wild West area of the map. A screenshot of the game’s sub folders was also posted as some of them read:

  • Gym
  • Joels_Bar
  • Junkyard
  • Medieval Ruins
  • NeoClassical
  • Prairie
  • Viking
  • SH_Lair
  • Victorian
  • Transylvania
  • Super_V_Lair

Fans are very much aware, by now, about the large anchor that recently popped up in the game.

That one’s included in the Viking subfolder. 3D images of dumbbells, a bunker, and gothic-themed assets were also discovered as these clearly indicate that “Fortnite” Season 5 will be massive.

However, the data miner, known as Fortnite Leakage (@FNLeak), highlighted that the images being shared, lately, do not confirm anything for BR as he added that none of them are under battle royale-specific files.

He went on stating that fans should be wary of things that are coming out, adding that they should not get excited about things that are yet uncertain.

That hole in the sky

Meanwhile, a strange noise is now being heard in the game.

Redditor u/Dpizzo232 recently posted a short clip over on the “FortniteBRsubreddit as it can be heard from the video the weird sound during the match. Members of the sub who got to watch it commented that the sound is somewhat similar to a bi-plane passing by.

U/Biowott, on the other hand, pointed out that there’s already a hole in the sky and believes that something might have already broken through. The image posted by the Redditor shows where the hole is, though it’s barely noticeable at first glance.