Epic Games has recently re-released the Red Knight outfit/skin, though there was a slight issue with it, as the back bling that was supposed to be included in the purchase was missing. A few days back, players were also treated with the Vertex skin, together with its Forerunner glider and Razor Edge Pickaxe that all came with an Orange tinge. However, new data mined files suggest that the game developer could have initially thought of releasing these cosmetics donning a different color tone.

The data mining website Skin Tracker has recently delved into the “Fortnite” game files and discovered some interesting details about the above-mentioned skin’s development.

If the unearthed images were anything to go by, it looks like Epic thought of introducing the items with gold, black, and metallic blue patterns on it.

Vertex variant to be included in battle royale?

Both the outfit and the glider were initially brought to light by the website. The pickaxe, on the other hand, was added later on and it was pointed out by another data miner – Sudanym (@sud4nym). Some “Fortnite” players who also saw it in the game files believe that these could be an upcoming variant of the outfit, though this has yet to be seen.

Agent #3678’s phone number

Meanwhile, quite a number of “Fortnite” players have just discovered that the Durrr Burger mascot that was recently zapped out of the game and was later found in a desert somewhere in California.

What made it more interesting is that a person is on the site handing out some sort of calling card and it showed a name (Agent #3678) and a phone number on the back of it. Folks obviously tried calling the number. Nonetheless, all they heard was some strange noise in the background, as if someone’s calling from a very windy place.

Others tried analyzing the sound via spectrogram, though nothing was found other than a small dot that was made by the beep at the end of the call.

Noise decrypted

Someone even claimed that he “cleared out the noise” and got a message stating this: “three pacific, six eastern, seventh month, eighth day, be sure to be in the game who comes to play.” That said, it was also believed that Epic might be introducing a new character in the game at that given time and date.

Data miners, on the other hand, debunked such claims, stating that it’s most likely fake. At the time of writing, it's still not certain as to what Epic is trying to relay here. Nevertheless, this sure is one clever marketing strategy.