Data miners have recently spilled loads of upcoming stuff in "Fortnite" Battle Royale as they've uncovered new outfits/skins, gliders, back blings, and what not. There are a few of them though who dug even deeper within the game files and uncovered stuff that are most likely to arrive in the game.

Cross – Fortnite Leaks (@GameCentral_FBR) recently took to Twitter to show what he just found within "Fortnite's" game files. If the 3D renders are anything to go by, it may well seem that the map will be getting a Wild West theme on it.

The data miner showed four 3D renders of upcoming items in the game which include an open fire cooking setup, a card table, a penny farthing (bicycle with a huge front wheel), and some sort of a wooden arc structure.

He claims that there are tons of renders with such theme (over 200 of them) that are already in the game files and he'll be spilling more of them soon.

Some "Fortnite" fans, on the other hand, are quite skeptical about these leaks claiming that Season 5 will have a Greek mythology setup instead of the above-mentioned Western theme. Others even believe that these assets could be from the game's Save the World mode.

It's on the Athena files

However, in a recent video by YouTuber and "Fortnite" player Camping Rusher, he stated that these new intel indeed came from the so-called Athena files of the game which means that the items were made for the battle royale version of the third-person shooter.

In his video, he showed a couple more 3D renders donning the same theme (desert skeleton and a Wild West stagecoach) alongside some screenshots of leaked game files.

These snapshots also provided some interesting information about these yet to be released items as some of them hint of:

  • Sleeping Blanket
  • Telegraph pole
  • Water pump
  • Wild West saddle
  • Simple chair
  • Windmill
  • Woodpile

A teleporting Leviathan?

Cross also brought to light some additional audio files that made him believe that its either the massive Leviathan has the ability to teleport or just sound of the big bang.

Other data mined files hint of what's going to happen with the rocket as some of them reads:

  • Geode God Ray
  • Floating Frags
  • Sky Crack
  • Radial Warp

Fans might remember the infamous Season 4 leak suggesting that "Fortnite's" Season 5 will be history-themed where there will be Roman, Greek, and Egyptian settings adding that tier 100 for that season will be the Flying Dutchman. Epic has yet to officially confirm this and until then, this has to be taken with grains of salt.