Rifts have been popping up left and right on “Fortnite’s” battle royale map as they take away well-known signs in the game and bring in some strange new stuff. The mystery continues in real life as the Durrr Burger mascot recently appeared in a Californian desert alongside the appearance of a shady person who only goes by the moniker Agent #3678. More clues and leaks have recently emerged as a new agent has been seen at the Durrr Burger site together with a new audio coming from the mysterious phone number.

“Fortnite” fans are pretty much acquainted, by now, with Agent #3678 who was first seen on the site where he also handed out calling cards that bear a mysterious phone number.

Just like the in-game map, the real-life desert site is also changing as a new agent was recently spotted.

Agent #3742 reporting for duty

Agent #3742 was seen doing some research on what they call an anomaly. YouTuber and “Fortnite” player – Josh A, once again, visited the site and asked a few questions of both of the agents, though nothing much was squeezed out of them. However, other visitors to the site noticed that new items have been added within the area which include a shed with some hay on it, some sort of a surveying device, and wheel tracks.

Prior to this, he asked one of the security personnel who was also present in the area. According to the man that the YouTuber spoke with, a huge crack was discovered within the cordoned-off area as he claims that it’s 12 miles deep and 30 feet wide.

It’s pretty obvious that the fellow could be making these things up, though it seems that Epic could be pulling off some sort of “Stranger Things” stunt here.

Phone number’s new audio

Alongside the newest character on site, fans also noticed the weird sound and, whenever they call, the mysterious phone number has been changed.

However, unlike the previous noise, fans noticed something interesting with the new audio, when it was put into a spectrogram, as it translates to C7 on the map, Greasy Grove.

Meanwhile, players of the third-person shooter also noticed that the previously leaked Wild West stagecoach is officially within the game as it appeared in Moisty Mire. That said, data miners believe that the next item that will be introduced by the rift is the desert skeleton.

In line with this, data miners pointed out the unreleased outfits/skins and other cosmetics that were also leaked months ago.

These are:

  • Rose Team Leader outfit with the Skirmish back bling
  • Warpaint outfit with Pursuit back bling
  • Steadfast glider
  • Boogie Down and the Storm Salutation emotes

They believe that these cosmetics might be rewarded to people who bought the Save the World version of “Fortnite” before it becomes free, though this has yet to be seen in the coming weeks.