Epic Games and McFarlane Toys announced on July 30 that the duo is teaming up to create and launch a lineup of premium “Fortnite” products for mass retail. The toy manufacturer, a top maker of US action figures, and Epic Games have slated Fall 2018 for the release of “Fortnite” figures, statues, and accessories, according to Game Spot. The products will be sold in retail stores.

Epic Games' global creative director, Donald Mustard, stated that “Fortnite” developers have been “fans” of CEO Todd McFarlane and his toy company “for years,” according to Inverse.

Mustard also said that he has personally seen some of the prototypes, calling them “sweet.” He is confident that “Fortnite” players will be “blown away.” "Fortnite" data miners have also shared details about Season 5.

Plans for collectibles to encompass seven-inch figures

McFarlane’s plans include not only introducing premium, seven-inch figures to the retail market, but also making collectible resin statues and accessories, originating from “Fortnite” skins. McFarlane tweeted a video based on the announcement, while he showed off some moves derived from emotes in “Fortnite Battle Royale.”

In addition to Epic Games' partnership with McFarlane Toys, Funko Inc.

recently announced (earlier in July) that it created a partnership. Epic Games' match with Funko will lead to several “Fortnite” products, such as key chains and apparel.

“Fortnite” has demonstrated that it is beyond a superpower when it comes to making money for Epic Games, which is worth an estimated at $8 billion, TechWire noted.

There are roughly 125 million “Fortnite” players throughout the world.

Attractions ‘Fortnite’ offers players include being free and platforms

A major draw of “Fortnite” is that it is free, coupled with the fact that it is available for play on various platforms, including PCs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. The next available platform, projected for August, is when the game opens up to Android phones.

In-game play on Galaxy Note 9 will mark the beginning of the Epic Games' expansion to phones.

Collectibles inspired by classic and current game appearance

In partnering with Epic Games, McFarlane’s CEO and founder assured fans that his manufacturing company endeavors to deliver “the very best products,” AllGamers reported. The collectibles will be crafted from the classic and the current appearance of the game. McFarlane noted that there is a vast and “visually interesting library to” use for making selections.

‘Cuddle Team Leader’ will be set in resin

While there isn’t a skin list presently available that denotes which skins will be incorporated with the Battle Royale birthday event and into making the premium collectible products, “Cuddle Team Leader” is included in the promotional art.

All Gamers stated that the popular figure, which is “terrifying,” is sure to be cast in resin.

Games Radar, indulged in wishful thinking, citing the skins the publication hopes to see in the collectibles product line-up. Among the list cited are Carbide, Omega, Black Knight, Raven, and Rex. Games Radar named 10 skins in all that it believes should make it to the retail market. As well as the skin names, GamesRadar provided its reason for each of its choices. For instance, in also including Battle Hound, the basis cited is, “It’s a guy in a dog costume.

Who wouldn’t want this?”

McFarlane stated that he spoke with Epic Games' top creators, who he described as “stoked” about the partnership, as well as excited about making “cool toys.”

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