"Mafia 3" and "Dead by Daylight" are the two big games that highlight the month of August for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The subscription also offers access to multiplayer games. Plus members are also given early access to betas and demos.

Free games for July

According to an article by Express, free games for PSN members last month included "Heavy Rain" and "Absolver" for PS4. PS3 players got "Rayman 3 HD" and "Extreme Exorcism," along with "Space Overlords" and "Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma" for Vita.

"Heavy Rain" gives gamers the chance to play as different characters to uncover who the "Origami Killer" is.

The game follows a central character who will do whatever it takes to find his son after losing his first in a car accident. At the time of its release, it garnered good reviews. In addition, each decision made in the game affects the final outcome.

"Absolver," on the other hand, is a totally different game. Despite the good games arriving each month for PSN, according to Express, numbers have dropped: "The current subscriber count drops from 34.2 million to 33.9 million." However, the console's sales are very high, with the brand shipping 82.2 million units to retailers. Sony has faced competition from other brands like Nintendo, who have done remarkably well with the Switch, bolstered by recent news that a special controller is arriving for fans of "Super Smash Bros."

This month

PlayStation gamers will have to wait a little bit longer for the eight games arriving on August 7.

This ultimately gives gamers time to download the free games from last month -- "Heavy Rain" and "Absolver."

One of the free games highlighted, "Mafia 3," is an open world crime game, and "Dead By Daylight" is a multiplayer horror game -- according to an article from Polygon. "Mafia 3" is a story of vengeance, revolving around an individual who is caught up in different crime organizations.

"Dead By Daylight" follows a horror scenario where one serial killer attacks four players who try to escape the killer's wrath.

PlayStation 3 owners will get a game called "Bound by Flame," followed by "Serious Sam 3: BFE." PlayStation Vita owners can get "Space Hulk" and "Draw Slasher." PlayStation has also invested heavily in VR, so free games featuring VR are often available.

Gamers can pick up these free games starting on August 7.

What games are you most looking forward to playing this month?