Fortnite Battle Royale” has its fans, as well as its data miners. Two of the miners recently shared on Twitter what could be a new, limited time game mode in Season 5. According to data miners on social media (TapohiFL and FNBRLeaks) Fly Explosives was discovered and leaked.

In revealing the leak on Twitter, TapohiFL tweeted a screenshot that describes the “FortniteFly Explosives mode. It states that the mode will be available for a limited time, with “the vaulted Limited Item Jetpack.” TheNerdMag noted on July 26 that the Fly Explosives mode might be the most “exciting” of the “Fortnite” limited time modes.

Fly Explosives is described by TheNerdMag writer Osama Mansoor as having the potential to measure up to a flying “Duke Nukem wreaking havoc on his enemies.” The mode takes a weapon that has an explosive capacity and combines it with a jetpack.

FNBRLeaks first revealed the Fly Explosives leak via Twitter on July 23, which Inverse and GameRevolution have since reported, as well. Inverse delves into the background of the Jetpack and the explosives. Epic Games supplemented “Fortnite” with a Jetpack during Season 4. It was a short-lived addition to the game, only lasting until May – it was implemented during the Close Encounters Limited Time Mode (LTM).

Fly Explosives mode released in ‘Fortnite’ will present ‘quite the sight’

High Explosives is retro, dating back to Season 3. During that time, in-game players made use of grenades, grenade launchers, C4, and Rocket Launchers. Inverse predicts that if Epic does release the LTM of Fly Explosives with the Jetpack, the game will offer “quite the sight.”

Right now, only “Fortnite” developers know if the leak will become a reality in-game and players will have the items bundled for use in Season 5.

According to GameRevolution, the Fly Explosives LTM could turn out to be the best Battle Royale component ever released in “Fortnite."

Additionally, GameRevolution credits the data miner known on Twitter as FNBRLeaks for being “reliable” and “accurate” in tweeting leaks previously discovered. For those reasons, it's plausible that Epic Games could make the release of the LTM (including Fly Explosives) a reality this season.

Check supply drops and treasure chests for possible Jetpacks

GameRevolution even takes the information shared with players to another level, suggesting that the “Fortnite” recipe for releasing modes is to include “floor loot,” so gamers should check both supply drops and treasure chests to find Jetpacks if released.

Using the past as a barometer to measure how Epic launches future releases, Mack Ashworth at GameRevolution believes that the Fly Explosives mode will be conducive to playing both solo or with a squad.

For players hoping to find a possible release date for the mode, a timeline for release was not cited within the information that was mined by FNBRLeaks or in the July 26 reveal made by TapohiFL on Twitter. Since Epic Games pushed back the date on some Season 5 releases it could affect when the developers release Fly Explosives, too.

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