Fortnite” fans are by now familiar with the mysterious bunker that appeared on its battle royale map sometime around May. Until now, the hatch remained a mystery to players and they tried to figure out its purpose in the game. However, after months of just sitting there on that area of the map, a fan noticed something interesting spray-painted onto it and this has somewhat connected it to Valve’s most popular title.

Redditor u/JustHereForABitMan recently took to FortniteBR’s subreddit to show what he noticed at the back of the structure – a graffiti image of a circuit diagram.

This might mean nothing to players who may have seen it, but for those who have played Valve’s “Half-Life 2,” this is quite surprising as the image is strikingly similar to the one in “HL2.”

Striking similarity

For others to have a clearer picture as to what he’s referring to, the Redditor posted side by side photos of the graffiti found in “Fortnite” and the one in “Half-Life 2.” He even provided a link to prove that the image was indeed from “HL2.”

That said, he’s now wondering if this was intentionally done by Epic developers to reference the iconic game. The Redditor is also musing on the possibility that the developer might have put references of other games across the battle royale map.

Graffiti in “HL2” is mostly done by a group known as the Resistance.

These signs are often used to secretly pass on vital information or notify players that a cache point is in that area of the game (characterized by the game’s lambda symbol). It was learned that the graffiti on the bunker was a diagram for electrical resistance.

Opening the bunker

When the bunker was first spotted in the game, players obviously tried opening it to see what’s inside. Those who first noticed the symbol once thought it was some sort of instruction to open up the underground shelter, though no one ever figured out how to do it.

Others even speculated back then that the bunker might be used by the thieves (Scoundrel and Rapscallion) in the game to discreetly transport the hop rocks to fuel the massive rocket located at the super villain lair in Snobby Shores. It was also believed that there’s a series of tunnels underneath it and one of them leads to that location of the map.

The structure was seemingly indestructible as curious players attempted to destroy it. However, there are some who managed to destroy and eventually enter the bunker through the use of the shopping cart and a very long ramp.