Capcom game producers Koji Oda and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya revealed some interesting details about "Mega Man 11" as they believed that new sequel will cater to old die-hard fans of the series and the next generation of video game players. The sequel will feature the Blue Bomber trying to stop Dr. Wily's new plot to conquer the world with his new robot army, Robot Masters, and his old research project called "Double Gear System."

The 11th title will feature some of the classic 2D gameplay from past titles with the use of new graphics and game engine. The Japanese publisher will launch the game on October 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC.

'Mega Man 11' for all players

According to Gamereactor, Koji Oda and Kazuhiro Tsuchiya explained through a translator that "Mega Man 11" is meant to cater both old and new players. Everyone can learn and adapt to the game features that were added in the sequel such as the Double Gear System.

"So aside from the improvements in visuals and sound we also implemented a lot of things that make the game a lot more accessible to pretty much anybody," Oda told Gamereactor. "The fact that we implemented this double gear system, we've implemented multiple difficulty modes, so you're able to really dive in and play the game the way that you see fit."

The Double Gear System allows Mega Man to unlock new abilities to unlock his full potential.

It has two modes; Speed Gear and Power Gear. The Speed Gear allows players to slow down time, allowing them to evade projectiles and escape impossible situations.

The Power Gear allows Mega Man to increase his firepower for maximum damage. Players can activate both gears to increase their health, however, the system can overheat and it will not function until it cools down.

Another way Capcom's going to introduce the sequel to new players is the "Newcomer Mode" as Tsuchiya told Reno Gazette Journal in a previous interview that it helps them grasp the game properly before they embark on a more difficult setting. The game mode will feature a more generous use of the Double Gear System as the cooldown is faster.

Players can be rescued by Beak whenever they fall off a gap and they can perform rapid-fire Buster Shots.

A new guidebook for the sequel

According to Destructoid, Capcom will launch a new guidebook for "Mega Man 11" which will contain valuable information on gameplay mechanics and storylines, to the main characters, art sketches, and the new Robot Masters like Block Man, Fuse Man, and Blast Man.

It is also the first guidebook that the Japanese video game publisher released since "ZX" print series in 2006. While it is unknown if they are going to put it in a bundle, video game fans are excited to see what kind of secrets the developers have written in it as it may help players to go through the game easily.