From IRL llamas, animals, and Japanese mask shenanigans, "Fortnite" is kicking things up with style. The next season is just around the corner, and the devs have been repeatedly hinting at a time travel theme. With dimension rifts popping up all around the "Fortnite" Battle Royale map, and strange new items making their appearance as well, fans are left full with wonder as to what's next for the game.

If you don't know by now, "Fortnite" is arguably the most popular game right now, with the number growing day by day. Epic said, “In less than a year, "Fortnite" has grown to 125 million players.” And with 40 million logging in each month, it is definitely something to think about.

These are the numbers across all platforms. And no wonder there are so many people enjoying it! "Fortnite" is being updated almost every day, with bug fixes and new items, emotes and skins, one of which is this fresh teaser.

The teaser

The photo landed on Twitter today, which shows a futuristic Norse-looking ax, and it's a safe bet to expect this in the game soon. The weapon seems to be cracking a time barrier between two realms, furthering the belief that a time-travel theme is underway. The item is just the latest teaser to come out, with others being an old Viking anchor and a horse-drawn carriage, not to mention the kitsune (fox) mask that Epic has used to promote their upcoming season.

Game Spot noted that the photo seems to imply mythological ties, specifically Norse or Greek, and contains the same visuals and dark background like the kitsune mask teaser posted on Monday.

The two items have strong cultural ties behind them, and while both are quite different and originate from different cultures, it's safe to assume we will be seeing them very soon in the game!

The possible future of Fortnite

For quite a while, data mines have suggested that Season 5 has ties to historical locations and time periods, like the Wild West, and it's very likely that named locations themed around feudal Japan and ancient Greece will appear on the Battle Royale map.

Hopefully, before they fix some glitches.

If you have been out of the loop since "Fortnite" came out last year, the cartoonish-looking game has undergone some significant changes, which include a superhero theme, and many more yet to come. The newest reported being a new desert map overhaul and skins to fit it, which brings the wasteland right to your doorstep.

Prior to the start of Season 4, Epic has used social media to tease a bunch of different things, keeping fans excited and waiting for more.

"Fortnite" Season 5 is scheduled to begin on Thursday, July 12, so get your butts ready.