The “Destiny 2” fandom was on a grind lately after players recently discovered a secret mission on Jupiter’s fourth largest moon – Io. The hidden quest – once completed, rewarded these players with an awesome looking weapon that’s currently shredding enemies in the game. However, it looks like this new mission has something in store for Guardians other than the weapon that everyone’s talking about.

Redditor u/Mblim771_Kyle was one of the “Destiny 2” players who noticed the unusual stuff within “The Whisper” mission on Io. Per his post, he initially noticed that the projection that the portal was showing the Vex gate from the jumping puzzle in the Vault of Glass.

He then noticed these strange lights which he called the Oracles began appearing, adding that he first saw five of them near the portal.

The Oracle puzzle

The Redditor found out that there are seven of those Oracles near the gate. He also discovered that they have to collect five hidden chests within that mission as these reward players with Blighted Essence the first time they open it. The Redditor further explained that the essence will count as two percent towards the Spindle’s Catalyst. He was not sure at first why the Oracles were appearing and what their purpose was until he stumbled upon Teawrex’s gameplay.

Teawrex teamwork

Teawrex is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who plays “Destiny 2” and also has jumped into the “The Whisper” mission hype train.

According to the streamer, the heroic version of the new secret mission has a secret chest behind the Vault of Glass Oracles.

As mentioned, players need to collect all five chests within “The Whispers” mission on Heroic to trigger the Oracles. He also stated that each chest will summon an Oracle in the well, adding that there is a sequence to eliminating these lights:

  • First sequence – 1,3,5
  • Second – 4,6,7,3,1
  • Third – 7,3,1,6,4,2,5

After successfully using the above-mentioned sequence, Teawrex, alongside other players, were able to spawn the chest and it rewarded them with an Exotic Ship blueprint (Enigmatic Blueprint).

The description of the item states that it’s a schematic for an otherworldly ship hull of ancient design and purpose, adding that players need to complete “The Whisper” with the weekly modifiers to build the ship:

  • Arc Singe
  • Solar Singe
  • Void Singe

This week’s heroic version of “The Whisper” has the Arc Singe meaning that Guardians will just have to wait for a couple more weeks to finally reveal the mystery ship. In the meantime, players can enjoy the new sniper rifle (Whisper of the Worm), that is said to be shredding enemies in the game.