We're still months away before fans can finally kick Prince Uldren's royal behind and finally avenge Cayde-6's death in "Destiny 2's" upcoming expansion - "Forsaken." While waiting for the third DLC to drop, the community has been on a grind lately now that a new installment of the Faction Rally event recently went live and Exotic Catalysts are now up for grabs. That said, the game's API has just been updated and it showcased several Exotic Catalysts that were previously undisclosed. Also, it may well seem that the update has just confirmed that Armsweek will finally be included in the game.

Details about these catalysts have been brought to light over on light.gg and it was then posted over on Destiny's subreddit by u/Eander. According to the Redditor, he claims that five of the ECs will be coming from Armsweek while the remaining three will be from both raid and raid prestige modes.

Exotic Catalysts' details

Legend of Acrius

  • Located in the greatest challenges aboard the emperor's craft (Prestige Leviathan).
  • Requirements are still unknown, but it needs 300 of something.
  • Upgrade effect includes a larger magazine and quicker reload time.


  • The greatest challenges of the planet devourer (Prestige Eater of Worlds).
  • Requisite still unknown, but needs 500 of something.
  • Gives weapon a larger magazine.

Sleeper Simulant

  • The greatest challenges of the astral pinnacle (Prestige Spire of Stars).
  • Just like the Telesto, it needs 500 of whatever the goal is.
  • Grants weapon a reduced charge time.

Fighting Lion

  • Can be acquired by participating in activities during the celebration of deadly craftsmanship (Armsweek).
  • Eliminate 1,000 enemies and completing The Pyramidion Nightfall Strike during Armsweek with the said weapon equipped.
  • Gives the grenade launcher a faster reload time.

Hard Light

  • Participate in Armsweek activities.
  • Completing Savathun's Song during the event using the weapon (It shows 1,000 of something as its requirement).
  • Weapon will have an increased stability.

Rat King

  • Joining Armsweek activities.
  • Eliminating 1,000 enemies using the weapon (Nightfall type still unknown).
  • Recoil reduction and increased aim assist.

SUROS Regime

  • Armsweek activities.
  • Completing Strange Terrain and defeating 300 enemies.
  • Kills grant health and improved recoil.

The Prospector

  • Same as Suros Regime, Rat King, Hard Light, and Fighting Lion.
  • The Arms Dealer completion during the event and defeating 500 enemies using the weapon.
  • Increased blast radius.

In line with this, Polygon also provided details on how to locate and farm these new buffs.

To go live next month?

There's no definite date yet as to when the Celebration of Deadly Craftsmanship will arrive. However, the Redditor believes that this might be included in the July update, though this has to be taken with a pinch of salt.