The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal a new playable hero joining its growing roster. The game's official Twitter page posted a short teaser photo, which led to video game fans speculating that the folks in Blizzard Entertainment are working on something big and will announce it very soon.

The game publisher also launched the new patch update for the game and it will contain unique and awesome features such as endorsements, group searches, and the long-awaited rework with support hero, Symmetra. Her new build will allow players to explore more complex move sets and strategies during battle.

Next 'Overwatch' hero coming soon

The new "Overwatch" teaser featured an empty alley with several posters and graffiti drawings of Lucio and a monkey when suddenly the ground starts to shake as a rolling sphere passes by the street. Fans originally thought that Blizzard Entertainment is teasing a new map or event for the game, but they added a little twist when the sphere appeared teasing them of a new hero coming to the roster.

Game Rant speculated that the identity of the new hero could be Hammond the space monkey, or the Junker Queen. Hammond was first teased in the Horizon Lunar Colony map as one the experimented apes alongside Winston.

Hammond may have some hidden hatred towards Omnics due to the "No Bots" graffiti placed underneath the monkey drawing.

As for the Junker Queen, she has been long-rumored to be a possible playable character ever since the announcement of the Junkertown map. She also has a unique character design and weapons set that makes her stand out amongst the citizens of her city, not to mention, a history with Junkrat and Road Hogg.

Fans also speculated that the rolling sphere might be connected to her ultimate move.

New Symmetra rework, endorsements, and 'Looking for Group' features

According to IGN, Blizzard Entertainment launched a new patch update for "Overwatch" which will feature Symmetra changes and gameplay mechanics. The first of these changes is "Looking for Group" which allow players to look for a team and assign a role on their ranks.

The second feature will allow players to be endorsed by their teammates from other groups depending on his/her performance during the gameplay session. The more they do their job well, the more they are recognized in the "Overwatch" community.

Lastly, Symmetra's new move set will allow players to come up with complex strategies to bet their opponents. The Photon Projector no longer locks on to the target and instead fires a straight beam similar to Zarya. Her secondary shot will now explode when in contact with the enemy.

Symmetra's turrets can now be fired on walls, but they players can only place three. The teleporter can now be placed 25 feet in front of her, and the entry point will not be from the spawning room. Her ultimate move will allow her to create a photon shield that almost covers the entire map.