The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal new details about Symmetra's gameplay rework. Blizzard Entertainment Game Developer Geoff Goodman announced on its official forum website that they are testing out some of the new changes in Symmetra's gameplay from her primary weapon, abilities, and strategies.

The developers planned to change Symmetra's hero class from support to defense, and her new abilities will be handy for players who favor more raw power.than actually defending an area. There is also an announcement regarding the game's Season 10 launch and a new way to control Lucio in the game.

Symmetra changes and season 10 announcement

According to Geoff Goodman, Symmetra can now create three turrets instead of six, but their health has been increased from one to 30 percent, although the number could be changed depending on the test. Players will also be able to attach the turrets to walls from a distance.

Blizzard Entertainment has also changed Symmetra's primary weapon in "Overwatch." It will no longer be locked onto a single opponent, but a single, focused beam that can increase its size and range. The weapon can charge up for extra damage, but it will take two seconds to level up to the next tier. Symmetra can now generate ammunition by attacking barriers, making her deadly against heroes with shielded weapons.

Symmetra's alternate attack will have a projectile increase speed of 30m/s and 130 damage hit, with additional splash damage. Her teleporters are now an "E" ability and the exit location is at 25 meters. The entrance will now be in front of Symmetra instead of a spawn room. The drawback to the teleporter is that it has decreased duration, but Blizzard is still testing things out.

As for her ultimate, the Photon Barrier becomes a static shield capable of the entire map with 5000 health gauge. It will similar to Mei's Ice Wall, which players can place it from a distance and changed its orientation.

Blizzard announced that season 10 of the "Overwatch League" will happen on April 30 at 5 PM PST/1 AM BST.

A new way to enjoy Lucio

Video game streamer Rudeism introduced a new way for players to enjoy Lucio by using an air cannon and motion capture glove. The glove allows him to move the character around and use his wall-ride ability via a joystick on his hand.

The glove's motion sensors allow him to use Lucio's skills such as Healing and Speed Boosts, while the air cannon allows him to use the boop ability.