The latest updates for "Kingdom Hearts 3" reveal the next Disney World being showcased in the game. Game director Tetsuya Nomura told Dengeki PlayStation (via Gamerant) that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will meet the cast of "Big Hero 6" very soon.

There are also new details about the Gummi Ship and how this will help players explore other worlds in the sequel. The plot of the game will have Sora and his friends battle the Heartless and the new Organization XIII as they save each Disney world from falling into eternal darkness. He will need to master the full potential of his Keyblade and unlock new powers along the way.

'Big Hero 6' comes to 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

According to Gamerant, Tetsuya Nomura briefly stated that "Big Hero 6" will be the next gameplay footage to be featured in "Kingdom Hearts 3" as part of their next promotional plans. While he did not say when Square Enix will showcase the new Disney world, video game fans are excited about being able to see how Sora and his friends will react to the superheroes of San Fransokyo.

For those unaware, "Big Hero 6" is a 2014 Disney animated film based loosely on the Marvel superhero team of the same name. The film centers around robotic genius Hiro Hamada, who discovered his older brother's creation, Baymax and sets out on a heroic quest to save the city. He is joined by other geniuses such as Honey Lemon, Go Go, Fred, and Wasabi, complete with their own superhero gear.

Square Enix confirmed three years ago that "Big Hero 6" will join "KH3" in the D23 2015 event and they showed promotional key art that featured Sora and Baymax fighting a Heartless version of the beloved robot.

Other Disney worlds joining the sequel are "Frozen," "Hercules," "Tangled," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Toy Story," and "Monsters Inc."

New Gummi Ship mechanics

According to Segment Next, Square Enix announced that the Gummi Ship segments for "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be handled by the team that created the 1997 video game titled "Einhander." Nomura added that they will add some changes to the ship that will help players challenge themselves.

The Gummi Ship is the main transportation for Sora and his friends to travel to different Disney worlds, and players can customize its appearance and weapons. The ship will have two modes; battle and exploration. The E3 2018 trailer showed a glimpse of the Gummi Ship in battle mode as they shoot down Heartless ships along the way.

The exploration mode will allow players to freely go to any world without any sort of trouble. Nomura previously announced that they will expand the "KH3" story by adding DLC on its post-launch and it will no longer have a season pass.