Google is now working on entering the video game industry, as Google has been working behind the scenes to develop a gaming platform that could be a fierce competitor to PlayStation and Xbox. Gaming and the platforms have been around for years, but recently the majority of consoles have been developed by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Google previously broke into the gaming industry with the help of YouTube but has struggled at creating an actual strong-performing device. They previously introduced an Android-based console several years ago. Screen Rant reported that Google has hired video game executive Phil Harrison.

Phil Harrison previously worked at Sony and Microsoft. Recently, they have been on a hiring spree.

Google hiring talent from top game publishers

Google has been poaching talent from console manufacturers and publishers such as EA. During this past E3 event, Google met with several video game companies to gauge interest in a Google console device. Kotaku reported that Google also met with developers at the Game Developers Conference last March.

Google is planning a streaming platform, code-named Yeti. The company is also working at buying development studios entirely. Google's Yeti would allow cheap PCs to play high-end games. Streaming has become key to video game developers, with the biggest advantage of streaming is that it removes hardware barricades.

Streaming games can reach a bigger audience if users don't need an expensive graphics card or console.

Google wants to create a streaming platform that could run on less expensive computers, such as Chromebooks. The company appears to be driven by the increased interest in Google Fiber, which is working to reduce the lag present in streaming games.

Google probably the best company to deliver on streaming gaming

If streaming is the future of gaming, Google is probably the best company to figure out a cheap way of doing it. Despite companies like Amazon, which have tried to compete with the major game consoles Xbox and PlayStation, but have fallen short every time. If they can reduce the dependency on console gaming and create a streaming platform strong enough to deliver high-end gaming on a budget, it could be a successful endeavor.

Could the release of PlayStation 5 really help Sony?

While Google has remained silent on the reality of the gaming platform, rumors are circulating that there's the possibility of strong integration between Yeti and YouTube. One problem that Google will face is users with bandwidth caps and lack of accessibility to high-speed connections. One thing we know for sure is that Google wants to make a splash in the video-game console arena.