A new voiceline and intro has been shared online claiming to be a new Map in “Overwatch.” Blizzard has already revealed a new map, currently on PTR dubbed as Chateau Guillard will be released soon in the game. This new information about the Junkertown is a potential leak for the game’s new level in the competitive play.

Latest datamine

On Reddit, a user by the name Lo0gy shared a series of voicelines introducing various maps. The latest finds were discovered on the game’s Public Test Realm. The audio files are hosted on Tumblr through the page of a user named aku-no-homu.

Voiceline discovered

One of the voicelines allegedly belongs to the game announcer Athena. The announcer can be heard saying the words, Entering Lijiang Control Center. Players all know that Lijiang really exists in the game. It becomes consistent when Athena said that the player has arrived at Chateau Guillard. However, things turn more interesting when the game announcer welcomed the player to Junkertown. This is the first time that players have heard about the map.


In Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter game, Junkertown is a place located in Central Australia.

It is the home base of the Junkers. It is also the shelter for refugees of the Omnic Crisis. This is also the place where heroes like Junkrat and Roadhog came from. Mech Battles is the popular source of entertainment in this place. So far, it is still unknown on what type of map the Junkertown would serve in the game. Fans are speculating that this could be a larger level than Deathmatch and Elimination.

Toxicity, Meta, and other issues

Meanwhile, several big names in game streaming and content making have recently aired their frustrations with the current level of toxicity in the community. Kephril shared that he is bored with the game’s Meta and would play lesser of the Blizzard’s FPS title and more of PUBG. Another popular YouTuber Stylosa, with more than 600,000 followers said that he is planning to do more videos of “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” and lesser of “Overwatch” because of toxic players.

Force Gaming, a YouTuber with more than 750,000 followers complained that he wanted to be himself when playing Blizzard’s FPS. However, he felt unable to do so in the game because it forces him to work with his team mates.

Overwatch” has recently announced a new mode dubbed as Deathmatch. While currently on the game’s Public Test Realm, some of those who have already tried it were happy with the latest change in the game. Even the Streamers and YouTubers mentioned earlier are giving positive feedback about Deathmatch.