The recently released trailer for "Destiny 2's" upcoming DLC dubbed as "Forsaken" has a lot of fans furious and now counting the days before they can finally kick Prince Uldren's royal behind. While it's still a long time before the new expansion officially drops, Activision's website posted a heap of screenshots and concept art from the said DLC, as it may well seem to have teased some upcoming content.

Starting things off is somewhat of a confirmation of a returning character in the game – the Queen's Wrath vendor, Petra Venj. Several screenshots were posted by Activision where one of them shows her brandishing a sidearm while another image features the returning character donning a hood.

Weapon concept art was also spotted, as these are most likely to be included in "Destiny 2's" third DLC. "D2" player and YouTuber Houndish also brought to light some upcoming weapons in his recent vlog, though he only came across their names and respective perks.

New weapons spotted

A legendary pulse rifle known as Bygones was first on the list. Per the video, it's a 390 rounds per minute weapon alongside the Rampage perk. Another weapon - Twilight Oath - is a legendary sniper rifle that comes with a Rapid Fire frame and Box Breathing. Snake eyes, on the other hand, is a legendary rocket launcher with Tracking as it is believed to be coming from the Gambit mode.

The YouTuber also spotted a legendary scout rifle known as Vouchsafe.

The new weapon will have a lightweight frame, as it has the ability to create a so-called elemental damage explosion via precision kills. There's also a legendary hand cannon dubbed as the Thin Line which is a 110 rounds per minute weapon that comes with an aggressive frame and will have an improved stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower.

A few shotguns were also spotted. The Activision website posted a screenshot of Trackless Waste legendary shotgun that comes with a precision frame. It will also have increased ammo reserves alongside the ability to have quicker reloads, ready, and stow when players are crouched.

The Badlander is another legendary shotgun that has a lightweight frame and has an increased damage whenever players reload it after a kill.

The Trinity Ghoul

"Destiny 2" fans are very much aware by now that the "Forsaken" DLC will be introducing bows in the game. One of the bows that was recently spotted in a Gambit gameplay was the Trinity Ghoul that has the ability to fire an arrow and split it when released. It also has chain lightning capabilities provided that players land a precision kill.