At last night’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, many new and upcoming games were announced to the public. The convention included exclusive gameplay as well as trailers for the upcoming games.

People from all over the country flocked to this year’s annual E3 video game convention and got a taste of these upcoming titles that will be released in the coming months. Fans waited patiently to see some of these titles for the first time.

There were highly anticipated sequels, critically acclaimed games, and a showcasing of the favorite web-slinger. There was also a trailer for a zombie-themed remake to an old classic and a Sci-Fi thriller.

These were some of the many games on offer at the E3.

Naughty Dog’s sequel, 'Last of Us Part 2'

One of the games was Naughty Dog’s ‘Last of Us Part II,’ a sequel to 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘The Last of Us,’ which evolved around the player controlling a guy named Joel who is tasked with taking care of this young girl, Ellie. According to, it is set in a post-apocalyptic Boston. Joel and Ellie have to do everything possible to stay alive during this zombie outbreak.

The positive reception from this game prompted the developers to make a sequel which takes place right after Joel, Ellie’s personal companion dies, forcing her to survive by herself. She is much older and more mature than in the original game.

She must be brave and diligent to survive the zombies. Some exclusive gameplay was shown at the convention to give fans a taste of what it had to offer. ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ does not have a released date yet but it is slated for 2019.

'Spider-Man' in action once again

Slinging onto rooftops this fall, another version of the beloved Marvel hero, Spider-Man, back again.

His story was teased at the E3 as Spider-Man Peter Parker, who must defend New York against The Sinister Six who are causing havoc in New York.

Unlike the other "Spider-Man" games which were done by Sony, Insomniac (Infamous series) has worked together with Sony to make this game. According to CNET, many fans were treated to exclusive gameplay of the game which introduced fans to the new open world approach to the world of Spiderman.

Spiderman will be swinging around buildings in the fall when it is released on September 8 of this year.

Sony’s Sci-Fi thriller from Hideo Kojima

Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), and Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale), provide the voices for the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller, 'Death Stranding,' by Sony. The developers put the new face-scanning technology to use. Reedus will voice the main protagonist and Mikkelsen will lend his voice and motion-capture to the game's antagonist.

There isn’t much on the premise of the game but according to the game’s director Hideo Kojima, it explores connections between life and death and will be an open world game. No official release date has been confirmed yet with many people assuming it may be released next year in 2019.