The Warmind Mystery Puzzle (a.k.a. Rasputin's Chamber Puzzle) has been finally solved as no one expected the treasures these lucky "Destiny 2" fans have just snagged. However, if some interesting details about the find are anything to go by, it may well seem that there could be more secrets that are still waiting to be discovered.

The jumbled letters

Thanks to u/Randomiser alongside equally brilliant minds from the "Destiny 2" community, a couple of fans were the first ones to reach the coordinates (43.549573, -73.544868) of the said puzzle as it points to a real-life location known as Sleeping Beauty Mountain in upstate New York.

Technically, u/_I_love_science_ (Sam?) was the first to reach the location as he discovered a huge cache containing real-life treasures – including a Valkyrie javelin.

That said, "Destiny 2's" tough-to-crack puzzle has been finally solved. Or is it?

After the real-life loot was discovered, u/_I_love_science took to the Raid Secrets subreddit yet again to reveal what he noticed with the weapon. Per the Redditor, he stated that there were some texts that were embossed on the upper portion of the Valkyrie. He added that he was quite uncertain if such was just a manufacturing detail or carrying any significance. U/Brucenous Waynecous (whom u/_I_love_science lent his Valkyrie), on the other hand, stated that there's indeed another mystery behind it as it was somewhat confirmed by Vicarious Visions folks.

Vicarious Visions' response

The Redditor was recently visited by the "Warmind" developers at their comic shop (The Freakopolis Geekery) to congratulate them and at the same time get the contact details of Sam (original owner of the Valkyrie).

After some small talk about "Destiny 2's" recent expansion and how the real-life weapon was made, Bruce then asked the VV people what were meant by the jumbled letters on the javelin.

However, the game maker responded that they don't know about it and returned the question to him. This made the comic shop owner arrive at an assumption that there are indeed more secrets to be revealed.

Meanwhile, u/Randomiser (the one who solved the puzzle) made it clear that he already received a message from VV. He further explained that he was not upset about not being able to make it to the cache adding that the puzzle and reveal itself was already enough for him. The Redditor went on stating that he's happy for the fans who could get a memorable experience out of it.

As of late, Bruce stated that "Destiny 2" fans have been flocking to his comic shop just to see the Valkyrie. Check out their journey here: